Training Webinars

Turning’s effective, 60–minute training webinars are the convenient way to gain fresh insights on our most popular tools and take away actionable skills to increase engagement with your learning program.

Turning Classic: Getting Started

Get up and running with our Classic software and harness powerful features such as Anywhere Polling, Self-Paced Polling, and PowerPoint integration. Learn how to prepare, run, and report on presentations regardless of your polling environment.

Learning Goals

  • Mobile setup
  • Content creation
  • Generate reports
Our Live Training Webinar is typically every Monday and Wednesday from 1 to 2 PM ET
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Turning Classic: Additional Features

Designed to introduce you to powerful next-level features and tools in our Classic software such as HotSpot, WordCloud, Leaderboard, and more that will instantly enhance your presentations and take engagement to the next level.

Learning Goals

  • Implement competitions
  • Use and compare demographics
  • Comparative links with pre- and post-questions
Our Live Training Webinar is typically every Tuesday and Friday from 10 to 11 AM ET
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Turning Pro: Getting Started

Designed to quickly get you up-and-running with our cloud-based platform. Learn how to poll using your existing PowerPoint content or layer over videos, PDF, websites, and more using Anywhere Polling. Save your results directly to the web and eliminate reliance on the desktop.

Learning Goals

  • Create, poll, and schedule content from any source
  • Analyze results for all polling environments
  • Use our exclusive PowerPoint add-in
Our Live Training Webinar is typically every Thursday from 9 to 10 AM ET
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Dojo360: Introduction

Learn about our comprehensive blended learning platform that harnesses the ability to create rich content that can be delivered asynchronously and interactively within a virtual classroom setting.
Live Training Webinar is typically every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at various times
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