Response Options

Engage your way with our mobile app, online experience, or choose from our wide selection of remote response devices.

Response Devices

Your can choose to have your learners engage with Turning remotes for lightning fast responses. Whether used for classroom, corporate, or events, Turning has the remote for your needs.

Engaging is easy with our online option. No response device or app download required. Just grab your session code, log in, and start engaging at the highest level.

Mobile App

Download our app for your mobile device to be able to respond on the go. Turning makes it easy to learn whenever and wherever you may be on your own terms. Choose the path that is easiest for you.

Response Clickers

Take responses to the next level with the most reliable remote response tools on the market.
  • LCD: Eliminate texting distractions with the device that started it all. The original and still the best in the industry.
  • Accessible Version: Designed for the visually impaired with braille on each button and vibration notifications.
  • Customizable SE: Featuring a 10-day battery to eliminate the hassle of collecting and returning.

Mobile App

With our mobile app, participants can use any web-enabled device to view and respond to a full range of interactive question types in real time.
  • Visualize: Questions, images and graphs appear on participant's screens to ensure each participant is able to view the material at hand.
  • Collaborative: Presenters and instructors can message individuals or all participants at any point in the engagement.
  • Scalable: Receive responses from up to 5,000 participants at any location through the mobile app during a session.

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