Product Updates

Turning Point Pro

April 2020

TurningPoint web 2.1 (PC and Mac)

Send all slides to participants

Now you can send all slides to your participants! This makes remote learning even easier with TurningPoint.

January 2020

TurningPoint web 2.0.1 (PC)

We fixed some bugs!
General bug fixes and stability improvements include:

  • Proxy support when polling with clickers
  • Translated into 12 languages: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

TurningPoint web 2.0.1 (Mac)

We fixed some bugs!
General bug fixes and stability improvements include:

  • Grey box overlapping PowerPoint slides no longer appears
  • Translated into 12 languages: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

TurningPoint web 2.0

Meet the NEW TurningPoint web dashboard! The PowerPoint integration you know and love is back and better than ever, PLUS we added a new polling environment for web users.

Introducing Anywhere polling for TurningPoint web!  

Poll over any application

Web pages, videos, documents—no environment is off limits for the floating toolbar.

Ask whatever, whenever

Open polling with the click of a button to ask pre-built or on-the-fly or questions. Respond to the needs of your audience quickly based on in-the-moment feedback.

Gather valuable data

Results are automatically saved to the web, simplifying your results.

June 2019

Introducing the new Hotspot question type!

Now you can ask questions regarding a displayed image and participants respond by selecting a hotspot on the image. Hotspot questions can test your audience’s expertise or break the ice during a presentation. Mobile device or browser response required for this question type. (PowerPoint v1.5)

And we fixed some bugs!

Improved overall application stability and resilience to network disruptions when using clickers. (PowerPoint v1.5)

April 2019

  • (PowerPoint v1.4.1) Updated performance for clicker support in poor network locations

March 2019

  • (PowerPoint v1.4) Added Multiple Choice, Multiple Response question type
  • (PowerPoint v1.4) Updated Short Answer and WordCloud max question length to 500
  • (PowerPoint v1.4) Update scoring so if question is not scored, add-in should does not send a point value to our servers
  • (PowerPoint v1.4) Removed scrolling ability on drop-downs in question options panel so users do not accidentally change settings (PC Only)

November 2018

  • (PowerPoint v1.3) Updated the default setting to display the polling showbar on all slides to be set to ‘Off’
  • (PowerPoint v1.3) Added support for anonymous polling
  • (PowerPoint v1.3) Updated software update process to follow organization settings
  • (PowerPoint v1.3) Fixed an issue where horizontal charts would not display correctly
  • (PowerPoint v1.3) Fixed an issue where short answer and numeric response questions briefly display past results before polling opened
  • (PowerPoint v1.3) Added support for Windows 7 (PC only)
  • (PowerPoint v1.3) Other minor bug fixes

August 2018

  • (PowerPoint v1.2.0) Added session ID selection when enabling mobile responses
  • (PowerPoint v1.2.0) Added ability to manage reserved sessions from mobile response screen
  • (PowerPoint v1.2.0) Updated countdown timer to not start automatically when presenter lands on the slide
  • (PowerPoint v1.2.0) Added horizontal charts
  • (PowerPoint v1.2.0) Added ability for users to change chart colors (PowerPoint Theme, Correct/Incorrect/Defined)
  • (PowerPoint v1.2.0) Resolved an issue where if you clicked the showbar, the arrow key would not advance the presentation
  • (PowerPoint v1.2.0) Resolved an issue where some users would experience seeing a pop-up of unsupported features every time they open the presentation. For a user to eliminate this, they must save the presentation in TurningPoint web for PowerPoint.

June 2018

  • (Web) Short Answer question type available
  • (Web) Numeric Response question type available
  • (Web) Ability to schedule content and sessions
  • (PowerPoint v1.1.1) Native PowerPoint integration
  • (PowerPoint v1.1.1) Ability to run from desktop or USB storage receiver to provide presenters with ultimate flexibility
  • (PowerPoint v1.1.1) Question Options panel contains all question types providing an easy to use content creation interface
  • (PowerPoint v1.1.1) Results are automatically saved while polling and viewable within account
  • (PowerPoint v1.1.1) Provides easy access to web grade book
  • (PowerPoint v1.1.1) Use existing hardware with clicker and receiver support
  • (PowerPoint v1.1.1) Multiple Choice, Short Answer, Numeric Response, WordCloud question support
  • (PowerPoint v1.1.1) Easily test presentations with simulated polling feature
  • (PowerPoint v1.1.1) Ability to ask on the fly questions in presentation mode
  • (PowerPoint v1.1.1) Maintains a history of the last five on the fly questions asked
  • (PowerPoint v1.1.1) Ability to automatically check for updates)
  • (Remote poll v2.2.1) Ability to connect to a mobile response session
  • (Remote poll v2.2.1) Ability to select which region you are connecting to
  • (Remote poll v2.2.1) Supports up to 5 receivers
  • (Remote poll v2.2.1) Automatically check for updates
  • (Remote poll v2.2.1) Ability to check connection prior to polling using test hardware feature
  • (Remote poll v2.2.1) Displays open and closed polling messages
  • (Remote poll v2.2.1) Displays question and answer text on screen

April 2018

  • (Web) Removed link in the instructor profile to the online store

March 2018

  • (Web) Added the ability to report by participant
  • (Web) Added auto save capabilities to content editor
  • (Web) Redesigned content editor

November 2017

  • (Web) Added the ability to report by question
  • (Web) Updated results to include non-roster participants
  • (Web) Added a navigation link in the instructor profile to the student profile
  • (Web) Updated translations and UI inconsistencies among profiles

October 2017

  • (Web) Added course ID to course card
  • (Web) Added a guest section to results

August 2017

  • (Web) Added grade book functionality
  • (Web) Updated course card scroll functionality
  • (Web) Updated manual courses invite functionality

July 2017

  • (Web) Added manual courses feature
  • (Web) Added downloads page to instructor profile
  • (Web) Added available courses search box
  • (Web) Added a profile page
  • (Web) Made updates to meet ADA compliance standards
  • (Web) Updated mobile screen resolution view

PowerPoint Mac Minimum System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.11 or later
  • Intel® processor, 2 GHz or higher
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 300 MB hard disk space
  • Microsoft Office® PowerPoint 2016 or later

PowerPoint PC Minimum System Requirements:

  • Windows® 8.1 or later (32- or 64-bit)
  • Intel® Pentium® dual-core processor, 2 GHz or higher
  • 32 or 64-bit Kernel and Extensions
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 500 MB hard disk space
  • Microsoft Office® PowerPoint 2010 or later

Supported Languages:

  • Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese

All voices are heard and all voices are counted. In my mind, there is no limit to the inclusive possibilities that can be created with this technology.


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