Turning Technologies launches enhanced remote and online learning features
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August 27, 2021

Turning Technologies launches enhanced remote and online learning features

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (April 7, 2020) – Turning Technologies today announced the release of several features within its TurningPoint interactive learning platform that will bolster the product’s online and remote learning capabilities in addition to enriching in-person interaction.

With this release, trainers and educators can now upload PowerPoint presentations to TurningPoint’s web-based platform to share with participants either live or as part of a scheduled assignment. Interactive questions can be incorporated throughout the content to encourage engagement with the material and measure audience productivity and learning outcomes through detailed TurningPoint reports.

In addition, trainers and educators will now be able to deliver all content to participants during a live training or presentation via TurningPoint’s mobile app, without the need for additional screen share tools. This allows the entire presentation to be available in one place, and makes it simpler to use as an interactive learning tool when the presenter and participants are in different locations.

“We are excited to provide educators and trainers in all markets the tools they need to enhance both in-class and online learning environments, and to reach their learners wherever they are,” said CEO Kenneth Frank. “Continued product innovation will remain a priority for Turning. TurningPoint has been more than simply an in-person engagement tool for a while, and these capabilities definitively move it to a different level as a full-fledged blended learning platform that supports data-driven decisions.”

These new functionalities come on the heels of other enhancements to the web platform, including a refresh of the user interface and expansion to the breadth of content choices that can be delivered to the learner including the ability to provide text, images and videos alongside interactive engagement and assessment questions.


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