Our commitment to GDPR
Press Release
August 27, 2021

Our commitment to GDPR

At Turning Technologies, your privacy matters. The General Data Protection Regulation, known as GDPR, is a positive step towards having more control over how data is used and how users are contacted. The changes will also help to better protect personal data.

Internal as well as customer-facing processes and policies have been updated to reflect GDPR compliance. Our security protocols were already established to reflect industry standards. Privacy by Design is our default for development practices at Turning Technologies. We gather limited personal data from users such as name, email address and country of residence. Personal information has always been kept secure and privacy has always been a priority.

Related to our end users, we only gather personal data that is needed to set up and provide our software solution. We do not sell personal data to any third-party vendors. Any third parties that have access (such as cloud storage) are only used for the purpose of providing the service, and we have established Data Processing Agreements with these vendors to assure their GDPR compliance.

Personal information has always been kept secure and privacy has always been a priority.

While there are certain aspects of the software that require personal information and cookies to function, users will have the opportunity to opt in/out of communications and marketing-related contacts. Users will be able to request access to personal data (portability) and request personal data be erased (right to be forgotten).

As we work to maintain GDPR compliance we are committed to communicating any new or revised processes, procedures and policies.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Data Privacy Officer at privacy@turningtechnologies.com.


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