Knowbly Partners with Knowledge Anywhere to Create Best-in-Class Ecosystem
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August 27, 2021

Knowbly Partners with Knowledge Anywhere to Create Best-in-Class Ecosystem

Knowbly is excited to announce a partnership with Knowledge Anywhere, the world's most powerful, easy to use training platform. With this partnership, Knowbly brings a best-in-class eLearning ecosystem to organizations and institutions across the globe.

Complete Your Training Toolbox with Knowbly and Knowledge Anywhere
Complete Your Training Toolbox with Knowbly and Knowledge Anywhere

Knowledge Anywhere is a premiere provider of eLearning solutions to a wide variety of clients and industries. Knowledge Anywhere's focus on optimizing their platform for quick and easy training management through a single source portal elevates management of global training programs beyond the traditional LMS, while their commitment to customer success remains at the heart of their organization. Through this partnership, Knowbly's clients will be able to bring their training programs to the next level.

Besides a comprehensive and easy-to-use LMS, Knowledge Anywhere also has a suite of innovative applications and eLearning tools. Scormify serves as an instantaneous application that allows users to quickly convert their documents and videos into SCORM compliant material that is ready to upload into any LMS. QuickQuiz quickly creates, manages, and deploys quizzes directly through Slack. And stay tuned for their latest invention, Conveyor, a Learning Content Distribution System that will allow customers to manage training content from a single, central location and easily share access to courses with third-party systems.

"Partnering with Knowledge Anywhere enables Knowbly customers to feel confident that the content they have created will engage learners through a robust training management platform that offers more than standard delivery," says Kathryn Stewart, Knowbly's Chief Executive Officer. "We look forward to introducing our customers to Knowledge Anywhere's prolific tool suite, which includes a Learning Management System, in addition to their outstanding Customer Success team."

"We're looking forward to our new collaboration with Knowbly. Both organizations share a common goal – to provide learners with a comprehensive, intuitive, and rewarding online training. Together, I think we can better reach this goal."
-  Knowledge Anywhere CEO, Charlie Gillette

Looking to the year ahead, Knowbly expects to continue to grow its collaboration with Knowledge Anywhere, ensuring customers have access to the best training platform available to present and manage their Knowbly-authored courses and quizzes.

About Knowbly:
Knowbly™ is a cloud based rapid authoring tool for creating digital courses and quizzes. It includes asset management, a unique interactive video widget, and the ability to customize your content & themes. Knowbly's. intuitive, easy to use interface enables eLearning developers to focus on what they do best - creating interactive content and courses for their teams.

About Knowledge Anywhere:
Located in the Seattle area since 1998, Knowledge Anywhere creates and deploys easy-to-use, performance-based eLearning tools to make the transfer of knowledge more flexible, effective and engaging across organizations large and small. With end-to-end training solutions, including Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Course Development, Knowledge Anywhere is focused on a customer-centric approach, strategizing and assisting organizations as they leverage eLearning to engage, empower, and inspire their workforce.


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