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February 15, 2021

Knowbly Announces Interactive Video Mobile

Knowbly is dedicated to providing natively responsive interactive eLearning assessments and quizzes that look good on any device whether large or small.

“Video is an essential component of today’s eLearning courses. When you spend time creating brilliant courses with beautiful video enhancements, it’s a shame to see them distorted on mobile,” said CEO Kathryn Stewart. “That’s why we felt it important to take the time to do this right. It’s not about saying you have ‘video this’ or ‘video that’, it’s about providing tools that are meaningful to the people who use them. And we feel we’ve done just that with Interactive Video Mobile.”

And in keeping with knowbly’s goals of providing 508c-compliant solutions, closed-caption controls and inputs are included. “We embrace accessibility,” said knowbly’s Chief Innovation Officer, Trip Gould. “No one should have to struggle to learn”.

Its features include: Fully responsive interactive video player with a mobile-first navigation; Responsive interstitial layers that look good on any mobile device, including: annotations, bookmarks, multiple-choice, multiple-select, fill-in-the-blank, true/false, and short answer; Full-screen mobile interactive video with closed-caption controls and inputs in the authoring experience.

Knowbly offers the ability to use your completed interactive mobile video on its own in courses created in your current Learning Management System (LMS), LXP/LEP, or current authoring tool. “You can easily make us part of your toolbox no matter what other systems you are using. We embrace modular, plug-in technologies so that you can use just what you need when you need it. In today's world, you shouldn't have to completely change what you are used to in order to get access to anything new,” said CEO Kathryn Stewart.

“What’s next for Knowbly? As always, there will be exciting surprises but stay tuned for floating layers, hotspots, and branching narrative paths. Every month we’re releasing improvements to our widgets and brand new templates that enable you to enhance your existing eLearning courses or create your own,” said Charles Gerli, VP of Product.

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