Announcing hotspots!
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August 27, 2021

Announcing hotspots!

TurningPoint’s new hotspot question type, available on both the desktop and web platforms starting this June, gives instructors the flexibility to provide vital learning opportunities and offers a chance for participants to interact with images like never before.

What are hotspots?

Our hotspot question type lets instructors upload a picture into TurningPoint and designate which areas encompass the correct response.

Instructor using TurningPoint web hotspot feature to select hotspots in an image

Instructors can easily integrate this question type into both live or scheduled polls, which means students can answer image-based questions in real-time or as part of a homework assignment or survey.

Participant selecting a hotspot image using TurningPoint web.

Learners then tap or click on the image to indicate their answer via web-enabled devices, including smartphones, tablets or computers.

How can hotspots benefit you?

Hotspots have been one of the most requested TurningPoint features by our clients because of their versatility and the fact that they open the door to learning and interactivity in a way that is different from any other question type.

Images are crucial, for example, in classes related to biology and medicine. Case in point, uploading an image and asking students to identify the P wave on an EKG works much better as a hotspot question than a simple multiple-choice.

Our corporate clients have also told us that hotspot technology would be great in areas like safety training and continuing education, where employees could be asked to find the OSHA error on a picture of an assembly line. New hires could also benefit with reviews of information learned during orientation, like an exercise to identify the designated safety zone where they would gather in case of emergency.


All voices are heard and all voices are counted. In my mind, there is no limit to the inclusive possibilities that can be created with this technology.

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