How Forward Eye Technologies uses KnowblyTM to embrace the changing future.

We are always looking towards the future, always looking forward. We realize things are constantly changing, constantly evolving, especially in the eLearning space. So, we too must be evolving, changing, bringing the best new technologies and ideas to our customers!

CEO/President, Forward Eye Technologies
How Forward Eye Technologies uses KnowblyTM to embrace the changing future. is a learning and development company that creates educational content for a variety of learners – from primary school to corporate employees. With operations and developers in India, the US, and the UK, Forward Eye Technologies has helped hundreds of learners worldwide across diverse domains and industry verticals, including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, higher education, technology, equipment manufacturing, transportation, and financial services.
Forward Eye has a passion for embracing new ideas. They realize that to stay competitive, they must continuously grow and change to meet the demands of the market and their customer base.

Business Need

With customers such as USB, Johnson & Johnson, Amgen, South University, Marriott, Acer, and Burlington Northern SF Railways, Forward Eye had their eye toward efficiency. They were looking for an authoring-tool with features to improve their efficiency and support their team-based workflow. Knowbly’s rapid authoring tool, with built-in asset management and collaboration capabilities, fit the bill exactly!

The Knowbly Solution

Knowbly has three advantages that addressed Forward Eye’s needs to support their efficient collaborative development process:
Knowbly’s Content Manager enables Forward Eye’s development team to quickly and easily reuse assets and widgets across multiple courses. The tool’s functionality lets users copy, modify, and resave assets for another use – saving hours of development time over updating courses individually.
Knowbly’s real-time collaboration tools with commenting and notifications along with the Reviewer role and permissions support an active team as they work together on development projects.
Knowbly’s WYSIWYG themes and widget templates make it easy to create engaging and interactive courses including assessments, activities, and presentations. All of these can be leveraged to the advantage of a team of developers – resulting in the rapid development of highly effective eLearning.

Business Results 

Since adopting Knowbly as their authoring tool of choice, Forward Eye Technologies has seen vast improvements in the following areas. overall design time speed of collaboration, edits, and approvals time spent updating existing course and most importantly, customer satisfaction 

  1. Ease of Use and Collaboration Because Knowbly is cloud-based, it allows Forward Eye’s users to develop and access the tool without software downloads or updates. Team roles and permissions provide the opportunity to invite Reviewers to evaluate the content as it is being designed. Because all Knowbly development is WYSIWIG, Reviewers can view the content exactly as it will look when published for use. 
  2. Output for Multiple Formats and Systems Knowbly is LMS-agnostic and provides outputs that can be delivered in HTML5 and multiple SCORM formats. Forward Eye’s customers never have to worry about Knowbly’s content being compatible with their learning ecosystem. 
  3. Custom Themes Knowbly comes pre-populated with ready-to-use design-themes within the application. Forward Eye’s developers can easily customize themes as needed to match their clients’ branding guidelines, styles, and colors. The real power is that with ONE CLICK, the developer can change the entire theme of the course (or back again!) 


Although Forward Eye’s team is proficient in all popular eLearning tools, they always recommend Knowbly to their customers. Forward Eye explains that Knowbly is a very intuitive, easy-to-use eLearning development tool that’s packed with innovative features – making it a pleasure for developers to use and produces high-quality, interactive eLearning content. 

They also relay that Knowbly’s strength in content sharing provides a considerable advantage in terms of client collaboration and allows for faster modification and distribution of custom assets and widgets across multiple courses. And, if all that isn’t enough, Knowbly’s super-competitive price generally seals the deal. 

With Forward Eye’s determination to utilize the most effective, efficient development tools on the market, they appreciate Knowbly’s dedication to the continuous improvement of both their product and the user experience. 

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