Redefining Product Improvements
August 27, 2021

Redefining Product Improvements

Upon graduating from college, I was the only one of my post-college roommates who had ventured into the world of ‘Corporate America’ while the others were called to more conspicuously virtuous paths of medicine or ministry.  I was always a little self-conscious of that distinction – especially since my job was brainstorming toys to put inside cereal boxes – and was reminded of it whenever I would bring home the latest product improvement I had worked on.  


Excited to share the latest innovation brought to pre-sweetened cereal, my enthusiasm would be invariably tempered by one of my more outspoken roomies who would say something like “well, at least some of us are making a difference . ..”  


Clearly not cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.


Fast forward to today, as I now sit (virtually) amongst product developers innovating technologies to fully engage learners across education, business, and community sectors, for an ever-changing mix of in-person, digital, and hybrid learning environments.  With products grounded in the difference-making mission of engaged learning, the work of improving these products is inherently high-impact.  


An example of this high-impact difference making comes from Turning’s dojo360 platform.   Already designed to be the most holistic learning engagement platform for teachers, professors, trainers and the learners they serve, the latest release from dojo360 delivers features that deliver genuine value, including:


* Real-time response reporting and visualization options that increase an instructor’s ability to present, assess, and report real (not hopeful) student comprehension

* A range and breadth of display features meeting or exceeding WCAG accessibility standards, including high contrast UI, screen reader compatibility, and real time closed captioning in the virtual classroom.

* The ability for instructors and trainers to assign and assess work individually or en masse, synchronously or asynchronously, delivering on not just the promise but the practicality of personalized learning.  


These are product improvements that actually produce improvements.  Improvements in the way teachers teach, trainers train, and learners learn. Developed by some of the smartest product designers, developers, and educators on the planet.  Evangelized by recovering packaged goods marketers like me.  

You can check out the latest from dojo360 here or jump right in and sign up for a free trial of dojo360 today.  


If my roommates could see me now . . .

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Ready to see how we can help you?