If Instructional Designers Were Superheroes, Which Powers Would They Have?
August 27, 2021

If Instructional Designers Were Superheroes, Which Powers Would They Have?

Traditionally a profession that requires a vast array of different skills, it has long been suspected that Instructional Designer / Developers do actually possess super powers. While it has not been scientifically proven, we’ll take a look at what we suspect these super powers to be.  

X-Ray Vision

SuperID utilizes its X-Ray vision in a number of ways on a daily basis. While the average human being looks at raw learning material and sees merely text and media, SuperID sees much, much more. The X-Ray vision power allows for the identification of Learning Objectives and Outcomes. It enables SuperID to identify key points of emphasis, signaling opportunities for engagement, review and assessment. Assessment questions are revealed as well as the most appropriate question type to use for each question. 

In addition to the extraction of these elements, X-Ray vision allows SuperID to peer through the material, and see straight to the need of the learner, unveiling keys to understanding and retaining information. SuperID can even scan authoring tools and platforms for solutions to problems, highlighting opportunities to invent technology to address a learning need.

Seeing into the Future

Traveling with its mind to a time where raw learning material is transformed into an engaging, streamlined learning experience, SuperID also has the power of sight into the future. SuperID can explore alternate realities where the content is presented in several different modalities, providing wisdom to build out the structure and substance of the course in the most effective manner. It is said that this future insight informs SuperID how to combine modalities to accommodate several different learning styles. 


Routinely known for transforming itself into the Subject Matter Expert (SME), SuperID infiltrates the mindset of the educator to craft a course that not only does not detract from the educational intent, but enhances it to meet as many learners’ needs as possible. There are also many documented cases of SuperID taking the form of whatever role is needed to get the job done, including Project Manager, Graphic Designer, Voice-over artist, Audio/Video editor, Accessibility expert, Javascript coder. There is no form that SuperID is NOT willing to take in the name of responsible course creation.  

Quantum Control (Smarty-pants for “Being Two Places at Once”)

One of the most vexing, yet devastating powers that SuperID possesses is the ability to split its conscientious while working on a project. While mortals refer to this as simply “multi-tasking”, SuperID knows that there is much more to the process of paying attention to several tasks at once. Existing in two different quantum places, SuperID is actually fully engaged in each task that it is performing without having to share brain power. 

While mind-bending for humans to try to comprehend, this is something that comes as a natural instinct to SuperID, simultaneously building out an interactive while staying dedicated to the learning objective and outcomes for the Module. It is said that, because of superior manipulation of space and time, SuperID can tell whether a background and foreground color combination meets WCAG 2.0 AA or AAA standards real-time while creating a project timeline and writing assessment questions.   

Able to Leap Small Budgets…

A subset of the shape-shifting power, SuperID also has the ability to come up with creative ways to generate or provide learning content when there is little or no budget at all. One such  manifestation of this power is the skillful manipulation of Google Image searches to yield only media that is labeled for reuse and/or certain size specifications is a specialty. SuperID is also able to rapidly scour Wikimedia Commons for high-quality but public domain images,audio and video.  

Mental Telepathy

One power that has evolved, rather than being native to SuperID, is the power to connect directly with the minds of whomever is providing the source material for their courses. SuperID can sense when enthusiasm is waning, allowing for a well-timed word of encouragement, the exploration of an additional creativity tactic, or even when to allow the SME some down-time as long as the deadline will still be met. This connection grows stronger as SuperID works with a SME, resulting in a sense of confidence that can’t be explained by the human being.


SuperID not only has a supernatural understanding of mind, but also of feelings. Where mind-connection comes in handy with SMEs and clients, a different type of connection is necessary with learners. SuperID has an uncanny sense of the anxiety, curiosity, and confidence that will be created by the structure and pace of a course, and is able to adjust accordingly during the build process. Above all, this is one of the most important powers since SuperID is born with an ingrained desire to empower the learner. 

Lasers from Finger Tips

Kidding, but it doesn’t hurt for SuperID to have a sense of humor!

Would you like to share other super powers of instructional designers that may have been missed? We'd love to hear them!

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