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A recent article by TechJury reports that in 2017, approximately 77% of US corporations used some form of online learning. By 2020, that number increased to 98%. One of the reasons is definitely the pandemic, but there are other reasons that online learning has become so popular. For example, e-learning increases retention rates by 25% to 60%. Additionally, e-learning has helped to increase income for 42% of US organizations. These statistics make it obvious that online employee training technology is becoming an essential part of corporate life.

We’re Turning, and we’ve created our learning engagement platform, Dojo360, for companies that are paying attention to the current training technology trends. Dojo360 dynamically integrates well with any LMS (learning management system) a company may be using, whether that’s Blackboard for Business, Docebo, Absorb LMS, or another popular system. Created with our e³ philosophy that focuses on equity, evidence, and engagement, Dojo360 is the perfect response to the need for quality corporate training technology.

How Does the e³ Philosophy Drive Employee Training Technology?

Equity is the concept that the learning experience should be the same for all trainees. It needs to be just as easy for an employee to participate in discussions, ask questions, and collaborate with coworkers online as it is in person. Dojo360 has industry-leading accessibility features that exceed WCAG standards. This includes features like life chat, message boards, and breakaway rooms where workers can meet up to collaborate on learning projects. The materials on Dojo360 are available at any time so learners can study when it works best for their schedule. 

Evidence is used on a daily or even more frequent basis by instructors. They can create lessons with quizzes built right into each module. Then they can see the results in real time and by user, allowing instructors to intervene with any learner who is not understanding a given concept. Attendance is automatically recorded so instructors can send reminders to any learners who are not engaging with the content as they’re supposed to be. Instructors can measure trainee outcomes to drive success using the detailed performance reports available by session, by question, or by student.

Engagement is essential for any employee training technology. With the many tools Dojo360 provides, your instructors can design learning modules that hold your trainee’s attention. Instructors can use visual, audio, and interactive elements in each module so that every employee receives training that fits their learning style. Dojo360 also offers online chat functionality, breakout rooms, and discussion boards so learners can collaborate in real time or on their own time. With a user-friendly interface and complete integration with any LMS, Dojo360 is a fully optimized learning solution that draws learners in and keeps their interest through even the driest of content.

What Other Corporate Training Technology Benefits Does Dojo360 Have?

If you need to train all of your employees on a new process or on new regulations, it could stop productivity if they all had to show up at a particular location at the same time. Using Dojo360’s learning engagement platform, you can have employees conduct their self-paced training asynchronously, either on a set schedule that allows the necessary employees to be in place at all times or on their own schedule during work or at home. 

Dojo360 allows instructors or program designers to create courses and individual lessons within courses in a single place and run the course in either a hybrid learning style, where trainees spend part of the time learning in person and part online, or entirely online. Dojo360 is a fully optimized learning solution that also serves as a content management system with hundreds of reusable assessments, thousands of embedded images and videos, and the utility to manage any file type you can imagine.

If you’re interested in Dojo360 and Turning’s e³ philosophy, we invite you to learn all about this remarkable learning engagement platform. We believe you’ll agree that it’s the best training technology available!

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