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Employee training is one of the best ways to ensure employee loyalty and satisfaction. In fact, a recent survey by BambooHR found that 21% of employees said they wanted more effective training in their positions. With the cost of onboarding new hires being as high as it is, it makes sense to keep employees satisfied with their jobs, so it makes sense to offer effective employee training. But you could have the best employee training program in the world and it wouldn't matter a bit if you didn't have ways to hold employee trainees accountable for their learning paths.

We're Turning, and our Dojo360 learning engagement platform has the accountability features your organization needs to track employee learning engagement and outcomes. Continue reading to learn how our platform can help push your employee training program to the next level.

How can I track employees with accountability features?

Dojo360 has software to track employee training built in. There are powerful instructor-level reports that indicate when an employee is engaging with a particular lesson and how much time they spend in the learning module. If the presentation has embedded quiz questions, instructors can also view the answers each employee gives and get an idea of how well they are comprehending the information provided. This is especially helpful because if an employee is not understanding the information or skill, an instructor can intervene with more personalized instruction until the individual has a thorough understanding of the material.

Each employee has their own dashboard on Dojo360, and the instructor has access to all of their assessment results and time logged in when they view the dashboard. They can also view information by question—how many employees got a certain question right and wrong. This can help guide content creation and provide guidance for potential editing of the content. If a large number of employees are not understanding a certain learning module, it may be that the module needs to be updated for clarity.

Dojo360 is appropriate for hybrid and blended learning as well as all types of online learning. You can use it to track attendance either in person or in online “lecture” sessions. You can create self-paced assignments on the platform and have employees submit their work through the platform. This way, there is no question of employees losing assignments or forgetting to complete them. The first thing they will see when they log in is which assignments they have coming up or which ones are overdue.

How can employee engagement help with accountability?

Knowing how to track employee training is good, but there's more to employee accountability than just tracking what they do. Employee accountability begins by making courses that employees actually want to take. For example, are your courses boring videos of an instructor lecturing in a monotone voice on the latest safety features of a particular machine? If so, it wouldn't be surprising if your employees avoid training for as long as they can get away with it. On the other hand, using Dojo360, you can create dynamic multimedia presentations that are entertaining to watch. You can embed quiz questions throughout the presentations to ensure trainees are understanding the information along the way to keep their attention. You can also make multiple “micro lessons” that employees can watch one at a time in short amounts of time, which are more engaging and easier to digest than one long lesson that covers multiple topics.

Dojo360 also has gamification features that help make learning attractive to employees. These include badges that indicate an employee has learned a skill or a certain set of information. These badges can be displayed on their dashboard where employees enjoy collecting as many badges as they can. Furthermore, a leaderboard can be used to show who is doing the best each day or week or other period of time on a specific training goal. This fuels friendly competition, which is an excellent motivator in the workplace.

We're proud of the accountability features in our learning engagement platform. We'd like you to learn more about Dojo360 and how our accountability features and e³ philosophy can improve your employee training program and help you track your trainees to drive success today.

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