The Value of Small Business Employee Training

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The global e-learning market was estimated to be worth over $250 billion in 2020 and it's only expected to climb higher in the future. Multinational corporations are well-positioned to pay the prices that go into that, but smaller organizations might feel like they are priced out of the market. Thankfully, small business employee training can help your organization work toward its goals without breaking the bank. One of the best moves you can make is to invest in a powerful learning engagement platform built for everyone such as Dojo360. Dojo360 is built on the foundation of Turning's e3 philosophy of equity, evidence, and engagement to turn e-learning into active learning engagement.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Small Business Employee Training?

Offering opportunities for personal and professional development can be a great way to help your entire team feel more engaged. Likewise, cross-training (or training employees in one role on how to handle others) can make it easier for your organization to cover for employees taking leave or sick time since you have other staff who understand their jobs. Companies that invest in a small business training and development program also find it easier to comply with mandated compliance regulations, avoid litigation related to harassment and discrimination, and create an organizational culture of lifelong learning that prepares small businesses to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Why Should I Conduct My Small Business Employee Training Online?

In-person training seminars require a large up-front cost for the instructor and venue, plus you need to give your employees time off to attend each event. If everybody is training, who is on the ground earning revenue for your company? On-site classes carry the same costs for the instructor, and again, you'll lose productivity if your entire staff is stuck in a classroom. Managing the logistics of in-person training can also be challenging, especially if you start offering multiple courses. Finally, it can be really difficult to measure how effective these courses are.

Dojo360 solves all of these problems and more. You can design courses in our platform's intuitive course builder so that you don't have to pay for outside help. Adding a video is as easy as typing its URL into a box, making it easy to break up large blocks of information. You can also look at all of your organization's courses on a sortable dashboard and enroll students in them via a drag-and-drop interface for maximal convenience.

Assessments can be built into courses as well, helping you identify skill gaps so you can address them before they turn into bigger problems. You can choose from a broad variety of question types, including multiple-choice, true/false, and hot spots; and analyze detailed results for each item. If team members need to go back and review a topic, our platform allows for the distribution of self-paced assignments at the individual, departmental, and organizational levels.

Self-paced assignments on Dojo360 are mobile-friendly, so your employees can access them on their favorite devices whenever and wherever work best for them. This means that employees can multitask by learning while on the job. Powerful reporting tools also track vital information such as attendance and course completion rates, giving you the evidence you need to take action if a team member isn't participating.

Dojo360 also supports synchronous and asynchronous learning to provide your organization with much-needed flexibility. Live classes take place in a virtual classroom equipped with built-in video chat, screen-sharing functionality, and a virtual whiteboard to facilitate the same type of small business training and development that would happen in-person without the expense. Instructors can even break the class into smaller groups via breakout rooms, popping in and out as needed to keep each group focused. Every live class is recorded automatically as well, ensuring that asynchronous learners enjoy equity in their access to the material covered. Gamification elements such as live leaderboards can foster engagement too, allowing team members to compete with both their synchronous and asynchronous counterparts.

Can Small Business Employee Training Give My Organization A Competitive Advantage?

Many small business owners are surprised by the benefits of upskilling and reskilling their employees. For example, you might want to hire a computer programmer to improve your website but get discouraged when you see that programmers make over $74,000 per year on GlassDoor. Teaching an existing employee is often a much more cost-effective way to improve that website while showing your team how much you care about their growth.

We can't explain everything that Dojo360 can do for your small business employee training program in an article like this, so book a demo today and see it in action for yourself! We think you'll agree that it's engaged learning made easy.

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