The Role of Managers in Employee Engagement Training

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Most organizations want a more engaged workforce, but turning that abstract wish into reality can be difficult. What can you do to improve your employee engagement training? One underrated thing you can do is make sure that your frontline managers are playing an active role in the process. Many team members see their manager as their liaison to broader company goals, so feedback from them is comparable to feedback from you. Employee engagement training for managers is essential, and we can help with that. Turning has leveraged our e³ philosophy of equity, evidence, and engagement to create Dojo360: a learning engagement platform intended to elevate good-enough training to exceptional learning opportunities. Continue reading to find out more about how our platform can improve your organization's employee engagement training.

What Makes Managers so Crucial for Employee Engagement Training?

It is the manager's responsibility to bridge the gap between corporate initiatives and the people on the ground. If your organization isn't big enough to hire dedicated managers, you are the manager. Often, workers see their manager as the company's mouthpiece. If employees meet a difficult deadline or come up with a great solution to a problem, even a simple pat on the back can help them feel that their contributions are valued. Likewise, employees want their voices heard. Regular meetings where average employees can voice their opinions and have them seriously considered by management can foster engagement because they feel like stakeholders in the organization.

Similarly, it falls on management to communicate what's going on to workers and to ensure that everyone is on the same page. For example, if team members are being laid off or the advertising budget gets slashed in half, company morale could take a hit unless employees understand exactly why and how these difficult decisions accomplish strategic aims. Managers can also foster employee engagement by ensuring that workers are prepared for change, whatever that may look like.

How Can eLearning Facilitate Employee Engagement Training for Managers?

Dojo360 offers powerful features that can help your management team foster employee engagement in two ways. First, it is an outstanding platform to provide team members with the leadership training they need to succeed. Second, it offers a variety of collaborative tools to help managers play an active role in employee engagement training.

Even the best training materials won't accomplish much if your learners are disengaged, so the first step is making sure that your employees are invested. Dojo360 offers simple yet powerful course authoring tools, including an extensive library of images and other graphical assets to promote learner engagement. You can also embed video from YouTube and other platforms by simply typing in the video's URL, making it easy to incorporate multimedia into lessons to make them more entertaining.

Once your courses are created, enrolling employees is as easy as dragging and dropping learners, either one by one or in larger groups. You can also open management courses to current employees who aspire to become managers, giving them the training they need to grow with your organization. Furthermore, Dojo360 supports gamification elements such as live leaderboards and badges to foster friendly competition and a company-wide culture of learning and upskilling.

When your managers are fully trained, Dojo360 becomes a vehicle that helps them share their engagement with other workers. For instance, live classes include powerful features such as live video, screen-sharing, and a virtual whiteboard. These tools facilitate the same type of communication you would expect from an in-person meeting. It may even promote equity by allowing shy workers to make their voices heard instead of clamming up in a boardroom setting.

Dojo360 also makes it easy to give and receive feedback. Live classes have breakout rooms that make an ideal environment for one-on-one performance reviews, as managers can meet with each team member individually without disrupting the rest of the group. Instructors can also use inline quizzes to solicit real-time feedback, gaining the evidence they need to create more effective courses in the future.

Are My Organization's Competitors Making Effective Use of Employee Engagement Training?

Honestly, they're probably not. A whopping 85% of employees don't feel engaged or are actively disengaged at work according to Gallup's 2017 State of the Global Workplace survey, suggesting that nearly every organization could benefit from employee engagement training for managers. But a 2018 report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that organizations with fewer than 100 employees provided just 12 minutes of management training every six months, and organizations between 100-500 employees doing even worse at only 6 minutes. That's just not enough for managers to develop the leadership skills needed to foster employee engagement.

The door is wide open. If you're ready to turn employee engagement training for managers into a competitive advantage for your organization, book a demo today and see how Dojo360 can facilitate it!

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