The Best Technology Tools for Teachers

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We've all attended professional development seminars that focus on educational technology—vendors are always introducing the next big thing to help students learn. But which educational technology tools do teachers need and how can they utilize them to their best effect? Dojo360 is a learning engagement platform that offers a wide variety of technology tools for teachers who want access to simple, easy-to-use, yet powerful, technology for the online or hybrid classroom. Based on our e³ philosophy that focuses on equity, engagement, and evidence, Dojo360 is an excellent choice for any classroom.

Guidelines for Choosing the Best Technology Tools for Teachers

Educational technology (edtech) tools should engage students in their learning environment. Students should be able to collaborate with each other on some projects, and complete other tasks where and when they best learn. The content should be able to be presented so that it catches and holds students' attention and involves them in active learning.

Edtech tools should also provide information to teachers that help them meet their students' needs. This involves giving teachers real-time information on student performance at an individual and at a class level.

The bottom line with technology tools for teachers is that they should serve the students and teachers who use them, fostering an engaging, differentiated learning experience that connects with students and helps increase their knowledge and skills.

What are the best technology tools for teachers?

Dojo360 has a number of tools that make it the perfect technology for teachers at any level. Setting up a new lesson is intuitive. Instructors simply go step-by-step through the course creation tool to create content, import presentations, and add multimedia elements like audio, video, animation, and more. They can embed YouTube and other online videos into presentations.

Instructors can also include inline quizzes into their presentations to ensure that students are following along and absorbing the information being presented. Quizzes can include question types like multiple-choice, true or false, hot spot, and more. The teacher can choose whether students can attempt the questions more than once or whether they can see the correct solution after they have answered the question.

Teachers can create asynchronous assignments that students complete on their own time, just like traditional homework. They can create assignments for either specific individuals who may need more practice with a certain concept or assignments for the entire class.

Teachers also have the ability to create content for live class presentations or asynchronous consumption. During live class presentations, teachers can start with live video and then take advantage of screen sharing, a live online whiteboard, and embedded presentations, like PowerPoints or other types.

To encourage a collaborative classroom, Dojo360 also offers breakout rooms during live class presentations. The instructor can assign a small group of students to smaller breakout rooms, where they can perform a task, discuss concepts, or complete any type of project. While the students are in their breakout rooms, the teacher can pop into each room to check on the students' progress and answer any questions they might have. The teacher can set an alarm to let students know when it's time to come back together in the main virtual classroom and share the results of their small-group discussion or work.

Teachers have powerful analytical tools so they can see how each student and the entire class is doing in real time. There are reports that show results for a particular student, a particular exam, or even a particular question. Teachers can use the information in these reports to intervene with students who need extra help or to dig deeper into a concept that numerous students have had a hard time understanding. Dojo360 also offers attendance metrics for live classes and for engagement with asynchronous lessons.

How can I get the best tools for teachers in my classroom?

Dojo360 is a powerful learning engagement platform that can enhance the online, blended, or hybrid learning environment for any teacher. Schedule a demo today to see Dojo360's features in action and to discover all of the exciting features our learning platform has to offer.

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