The Benefits of Ongoing Healthcare Training Solutions

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Continuing education is very important in all industries, but ongoing healthcare training solutions are especially vital. Many medical professionals require Continuing Education (CE) credits to maintain their licenses, and a health care training program can make it easier to ensure that they get the compliance training they need. Medical breakthroughs are also happening all of the time, so healthcare training programs can help keep your organization up-to-date on the latest best practices and limit medical malpractice lawsuits. Healthcare training solutions can improve employee satisfaction and retention rates as well, saving your organization significant hiring and onboarding costs. 

Unfortunately, training for healthcare professionals isn’t as widespread as it could be because of the costs associated with it. If you’re worried about paying for team members to attend in-person seminars or the loss of productivity that will happen while they’re away, Dojo360 is the learning engagement platform you have been waiting for. We are Turning, and our platform leverages our e³ philosophy of equity, evidence, and engagement to make it significantly easier to create and manage a health care training program. Keep reading to learn more about this powerful training tool.

How can Technology Improve the Healthcare Training Solutions Available to My Organization?

Traditional classroom learning is inefficient at best and completely ineffective at worst. Lecture-based instruction bores many learners, meaning that they do not absorb much of the material. Modern healthcare training programs need to incorporate technology to offer something more stimulating. Here are five important features to look for:

  1. Virtual Meeting Rooms

    Having a face-to-face connection between instructors and learners is important, so video chat is a necessity. However, Dojo360 goes a step further by offering virtual meeting rooms that facilitate traditional lectures and group work to promote engagement. Additional collaboration tools such as a virtual whiteboard and live chat functionality make it even easier for team members to communicate.

  2. On-Demand Playback

    Learners learn at different speeds, so making course content available on-demand allows your employees to rewind as often as they need to without disrupting their colleagues. On-demand playback also improves equity by allowing asynchronous learners to experience the same content as their peers.

  3. Personalized Learning Paths

    Learners want to be treated as individuals and Dojo360 makes it easy to enroll them in the courses that best align with their interests. For example, a tray passer who develops an interest in nursing could start taking reskilling classes now to prepare them for a career change. Likewise, team members who need certification or compliance training can be automatically enrolled to prevent anyone from slipping through the cracks.

  4. Real-Time Assessment Tools

    Dojo360 allows instructors to incorporate inline quizzes and other assessment tools into every lesson, allowing them to measure learner progress before moving to the next topic. Assessments can also be scored automatically, allowing instructors to spend more time helping learners succeed and less marking up tests. Learners can also answer polls and provide feedback to their instructors, giving your organization the evidence it needs to improve your health care training program.

  5. Single-Source Hybrid Learning

    If your organization already has training materials on an LMS or LXP, Dojo360 can integrate with them so you don’t need to recreate those lessons from scratch. Likewise, any PowerPoint presentations you have can be imported to Dojo360 as an editable slide for maximal convenience. All content on Dojo360 is also sharable, allowing instructors to collaborate as needed. 

What Else Do Healthcare Training Solutions Need?

Dojo360 meets or exceeds all WCAG 2.0 guidelines, ensuring equity in instruction by ensuring that materials are accessible to all team members. Your employees can also access your training content anywhere with a stable internet connection, allowing them to choose when and where they learn to promote engagement. Training can take place when it’s convenient for your organization, minimizing lost productivity. Our platform is scalable as well, ensuring that your organization will be able to meet its training needs no matter how large it gets. 

We’re proud of Dojo360 and would like to share it with as many organizations as possible. We invite you to learn more about Dojo360’s features today!

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