The Benefits of Cross-Training Employees

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Cross-training employees means more than making sure everyone can operate the copy machine in case the administrative assistant is out for the day. It has more to do with identifying the major tasks and skills in a specific area of your organization and training each employee on these skills so they can offer support when it's needed. We're Turning, and our Dojo360 learning engagement platform is the best choice for cross-training employees in your workplace. Our e³ philosophy, which highlights equity, evidence, and engagement, guides each feature on the platform.

What are the benefits of cross-training employees?

There are countless benefits of cross-training your employees, no matter what size your organization. Here's a sampling of the top advantages of cross-training your employees:

  1. Return on investment
  2. When it comes time to hire somebody for a new position, you'll be more likely to be able to hire from within, saving time and money.

  3. Opportunities for collaboration
  4. When your employees are able to understand the tasks other employees perform, they are more likely to be able to collaborate smoothly on projects across specializations.

  5. Increase employee motivation
  6. When employees see that they have the chance to learn more and potentially grow into advanced positions, they stay motivated and are less likely to search for new employment elsewhere.

  7. Improve workforce sustainability
  8. If only one person knows how to run the payroll department, what happens when that person takes leave? It's important that employees can step in for each other - not necessarily to do the entire job, but to keep the company running in times of need.

  9. Improve efficiency
  10. When each department works to identify which skills are valuable to add to a cross-training program, they automatically review their processes and increase efficiency across the board.

  11. Greater agility
  12. While cross-training employees, you may discover hidden talents, increase employees' skillsets, and provide a springboard for advancing the goals and objectives of your organization. This makes your company more agile and responsive, no matter the size.

Dojo360 Has Your Cross-Training Needs Covered

Dojo360 makes cross-training employees as easy as dragging and dropping their names into different training modules. The instructor of a particular training course can open the course, choose the employees that they want to be able to access the training, and add them to the course list. Immediately, that course will be available to the employees on their dashboard.

The instructor can set the dates they want each employee to finish the training within, so if you want certain employees to have a longer period in which to complete the training, you can give them a longer timeframe. If other employees need to finish the training sooner, you can set their timeframe accordingly.

Because cross-training generally involves a brief overview of processes and procedures than a specialist's training, you may want to create a condensed course for these employees. This can be easily done by copying the original course and editing it to contain only the information needed by the cross-trained employees. Dojo360 makes cross-training that easy.

Why do companies train and cross-train employees?

Learning and developing new skills can boost engagement levels in the workplace. According to one study, 94% of employees would agree to stay with a company longer if the company invested in their training, such as cross-training that could lead to promotions or advantageous lateral moves. In the same study, 76% of employees were found to be concerned with finding career growth opportunities, which can be achieved through additional skill training within their current organization.

What is the easiest way to cross-train my employees?

By allowing you to simply drag and drop employees into new courses, Dojo360 is the easiest way to cross-train your employees. We're confident that you will find our other features to be highly beneficial to training and cross-training your employees as well. Contact us to set up a demo today and see how easily you can set up a successful cross-training program at your organization!

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