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A new employee's onboarding experience has a huge influence on whether or not they stay with your organization for the long term. The Society of HR Management found that 69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years or longer if they have an excellent onboarding experience. Additionally, organizations with standard online employee onboarding processes realize 50% higher productivity from new hires than other companies.

We're Turning, and our Dojo360 learning management platform is perfect for onboarding and training new hires for organizations of all sizes. Because our platform is completely scalable, you can use it for a small family organization or a large international corporation equally effectively.

What should my company look for in SaaS onboarding software?

Onboarding and training software should be easy to use, and it should be clear what's expected. Give new employees a self-service portal that they can access from anywhere. The dashboard should present them with tasks that are to be done, such as filling out new hire forms, completing lesson modules, or reading welcome materials, as soon as they land on the page in an obvious way. It shouldn't be cluttered up with too much information. Dojo360's platform provides each employee with their own dashboard that provides the necessary information in a clear, easy-to-read way with links to any tasks they need to complete or information they need to read. In accordance with our e³ philosophy, the employee dashboard meets or exceeds WCAG standards, making the platform equitable for all users.

Onboarding and training software clear information for managers and instructors to see what tasks and material each new employee has engaged with and completed. The reporting and analytical information provide the evidence necessary to show that the new hire is understanding their responsibilities and their role within the wider organization. These reports can also quickly indicate if there is an issue that needs to be addressed before it becomes a problem. Rather than being “punished” for getting answers wrong on quizzes, for example, a wrong answer could trigger extra assistance to make sure the employee understands the information they need to know to perform their job accurately and safely. Dojo360 has robust reporting capabilities that allow instructors and managers to view all kinds of information about when and how much employees are engaging with the platform and gauge their performance down to the exact question.

Onboarding and training software needs an engaging presentation. The last thing you want is a new hire to be bored as they are learning about their new company and their role within it. Content creators love Dojo360 because they are able to create dynamic multimedia presentations using audio, video, images, animation, live-action, and more. They can embed questions into the presentations so employees stay engaged while interacting with the material and so they can rewatch segments if they have not understood an important concept. Dojo360 also offers gamification features like completion badges and a leaderboard to foster friendly competition among new hires, which helps them engage not only with the training software, but with each other, which can help them build great interpersonal relationships that will benefit them and the company long into the future.

Why should our company do our onboarding online?

Online onboarding has quite a few benefits. For one, it allows new employees to begin their onboarding process before they even show up for their first day at work. They can get paperwork done and view safety training presentations from home and be ready to go on their first day. It also allows them to choose when during their workday is the best time for them to work on their onboarding training. This time will vary from employee to employee, based on their duties and the other people who depend on them, so rather than stopping all productivity to have a room full of new hires, each employee can do their training when it makes the most sense for their position.

Dojo360 is the best platform for online onboarding and training for your new employees. It works seamlessly with many LMS systems your organization may already be using. We invite you to learn more about Dojo360 today to see how it can benefit your online employee onboarding program.

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