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Interactive teaching tools are essential for today's online, hybrid, and blended classrooms. Through interactive learning, students improve their performance and develop a greater level of autonomy. Interactive learning also improves students' retention of information as it promotes self-directed learning. We're Turning, and our Dojo360 learning engagement platform was built on our e³ philosophy, which consists of equity, evidence, and engagement. To encourage learning engagement, we have included a number of interactive learning tools in our platform.

What are the benefits of interactive teaching and learning?

There is a number of incredible benefits to be attained through interactive learning. We'll discuss three of the most important ones here.

  1. Improved classroom collaboration
  2. Interactive learning makes students active participants in the class. They gain the skills necessary to take control of their own learning process and learn how to work well with others. These are skills that not only benefit your students in the classroom, but for their entire lives.

  3. Critical thinking skills
  4. Interactive learning puts students in the position to develop their own opinions rather than simply receiving and regurgitating the instructor's words. This encourages them to hone their critical thinking and information synthesis capabilities. Through free association, student teaching, and idea generation, students learn to synthesize information, think critically, and gain an understanding of concepts that they can then articulate in their own words.

  5. Greater engagement
  6. Students in an interactive classroom are continually doing activities or preparing to do activities with the information they are learning. This keeps them more interested and engaged, makes it impossible for them to just sit and zone out, and helps them learn and integrate the information better. It also makes class more fun.

Interactive Online Teaching Tools

Dojo360 is perfect for teaching interactively online or in hybrid situations. Instructors can easily set up classes intuitively. You go step-by-step through the course creator to create content, import multimedia presentations, embed video from any URL, and more. It is then easy to add students to your class. You just drag and drop their names from a master list into your class.

When you present your class live online, Dojo360 has many interactive learning tools for you to use. There is a live video feed that allows you to interact with your students just as if they were there in the room with you. You can use screen sharing and the live virtual whiteboard to demonstrate processes visually so students can get a better understanding of concepts. There is a chat function that allows students and instructors to interact and students to interact with each other.

One of the most powerful interactive learning tools in a Dojo360 classroom is the breakout rooms. Instructors can create virtual breakout rooms, assign a small number of students to each room, and give them an activity to complete in their small group. As each group works together, the instructor can pop in and out of the breakout rooms to answer any questions students might have and just to see how they are progressing. When the time is up, the instructor alerts the groups, and students return to the full classroom, where they can share their creation, their findings, or their ideas.

How can I make use of interactive teaching tools?

Dojo360 has many strong features to enhance interactive learning. To learn more about these features and see them in action, book a demo today and see how Dojo360 could help your online and hybrid classrooms become more interactive.

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