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Tracking student progress is one of the basic functions a teacher conducts on a daily basis. With online learning tools, tracking students has become not just easier, but more effective. Grades are an important indicator as to how well your students are understanding their coursework, but there are a wide variety of other tools that can be used to gain deeper insight into their progress. We're Turning, and the analytical capabilities of our online learning engagement platform, Dojo360, are a powerful and effective means for online student tracking.

What Quality Student Tracking Software Can Do

As a teacher, if your first idea of how well your students are understanding the material you're teaching is a test score, you're not tracking their progress efficiently. How much better would it be to find out if a student is having trouble understanding a concept before the test so you can intervene with additional instruction and guide them toward a more thorough understanding before the test. Not only does that benefit each student, but it can raise your classroom test scores, which can benefit you as well.

Attendance is the most basic of online student tracking. The right student tracking software can not only track each student's attendance in live classroom sessions, but it can track their engagement with asynchronous assignments as well. It allows you to see when they engaged with specific content and for how long. If a student has an overdue assignment, you can find out if they have interacted with the lesson and simply forgotten to complete the assignment, or if they have not started. This can guide your feedback when you send them a reminder for a particular task or project.

Thorough student tracking goes beyond attendance and engagement. You should be able to track each individual student's performance over any time period you wish. You should also be able to track the performance of the entire class on a specific assessment, such as inline questions that are part of an asynchronous course module. These types of tracking provide actionable information about student progress and the efficacy of the online learning program.

For example, if a particular student is having trouble with a concept, you can intervene and give them additional information or support to help them understand better. On the other hand, if you notice that the majority of the class is having a hard time with a portion of the material being taught, you may decide to edit the content to make the information easier for students to understand.

The Best Platform for Tracking Student Progress

Dojo360 provides a variety of detailed reports and general overviews of class and student performance. You can easily view real-time student attendance and progress throughout all of your online courses and assignments. We designed our learning engagement platform on our e³ philosophy, which encompasses equity, engagement, and evidence. The evidence part of that philosophy is behind the powerful metrics you can leverage to keep track of the performance of each student and your class as a whole.

How You Can Access the Best Student Tracking Software

If you're ready to start tracking student progress online at a higher level, book a demo today to see how Dojo360 can help you. You'll be able to see student tracking in action and experience the other exciting features Dojo360 has to offer!

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