Solving the Complexities of Virtual Onboarding

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The purpose of any onboarding program is to ingrain your organization’s values into your new hire while also equipping them with the knowledge they need to contribute, and virtual onboarding is no exception. However, many organizations find virtual onboarding more difficult since it’s virtually impossible to set the kind of physical example you can in person. That said, onboarding new hires virtually carries several advantages as well. For instance, you can draw from a wider talent pool and begin onboarding successful candidates before they move to accept the job. Likewise, a virtual onboarding process tends to be more cost-effective than meeting every newbie in person. The experts at Turning have created an exclusive learning engagement platform called Dojo360 to take the headache out of virtual onboarding, allowing your organization to reap the rewards of online onboarding without the associated stress.

Our platform is built around our e³ philosophy of equity, evidence, and engagement. Equity means that Dojo360 facilitates the same great training for all new hires, ensuring that everybody is set up for success from day one. Evidence refers to our platform’s ability to collect data on things like enrollment and completion rates, making it easy to track who is taking which courses and how they are faring in them. Engagement means that learners are actively engaging with the content you’re providing, promoting long-term retention while also contributing to employee engagement. Please continue reading to learn how these three simple ideas can make a meaningful impact on the success of your onboarding program. 

What Do I Need to Do to Create an Effective Virtual Onboarding Program?

Since the goal of any onboarding initiative is the same, you can use your existing materials as a baseline for a virtual program. If you usually show your fresh hires a PowerPoint presentation to help them learn your company’s rules, you can import it directly to Dojo360 so you don’t have to recreate the same tool. Likewise, you can record welcome messages to help your new workers feel at home right away. If your organization has a mentorship program, Dojo360 includes powerful communication tools such as live chat and virtual meeting spaces so that experienced employees can still help new coworkers get up to speed. 

You can also build on your existing materials to better fit your new hire’s needs. For instance, virtual onboarding can feel secluded since you can’t interact with your new colleagues as easily as you could in person. Assigning each fresh face a buddy in the same situation gives them somebody to talk to whenever things get tough. Of course, all of the communication features listed above can also apply to this buddy system. 

Experts agree that the best onboarding programs are fun, and Dojo360 offers numerous ways to make your HR manual more exciting. Gamification elements such as leaderboards and badges serve twin purposes. First, your team’s competitive nature will promote engagement as they strive to finish ahead of their peers. Second, interacting with one another in a competitive environment can foster camaraderie that can be difficult to come by in a virtual setting. Furthermore, instructors can take advantage of multimedia authoring tools to make onboarding courses more interesting than a dry lecture. 

Dojo360 keeps track of who is enrolled in which courses, and instructors can implement assessments and inline quizzes into every lesson to make sure that learners are successfully absorbing the information. You can use this evidence to evaluate each individual’s progress and even let people go if it becomes apparent that they aren’t the right fit. 

Most importantly, Dojo360 serves as a single repository for all of your organization’s training materials. If an older employee is looking for a quick refresher or a motivated group of employees is looking to move up the ladder, they can access training content on-demand anywhere with a reliable internet connection. Likewise, instructors can share content and resolve any inconsistencies that may have snuck in. Eliminating miscommunication is one of the most challenging aspects of virtual onboarding, and Dojo360 facilitates that. 

How Else Can Dojo360 Help Me Implement Virtual Onboarding Best Practices?

Scalability is among the biggest benefits of virtual onboarding, and Dojo360 is a suitable learning engagement platform for everything from SMBs to schools and enterprise-level organizations. We are also proud to meet or exceed all WCAG 2.0 guidelines, ensuring that all of your employees will have equitable access to your organization’s educational resources. 

We are delighted with how Dojo360 turned out and encourage you to learn more about its many features. We hope to help you with your virtual onboarding program soon!

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