Selecting the Best Training Software for Small Business

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Enterprise organizations have been using eLearning to train their employees for years, but SMBs (or small and medium-sized businesses) may have seen great online training as something that just didn't fit into their budget. That's false. SMBs can turn to training software for small business for many of the same reasons that larger organizations do, including employee onboarding, compliance training, establishing a company culture, and fostering camaraderie between team members.

Of course, you'll need to choose the best online training software for small business, and that's where Turning comes in. We've leveraged nearly two decades of experience in the online education and training industry to create Dojo360: a learning engagement platform built for everyone, everywhere. It's built on our e³ philosophy of equity, evidence, and engagement to make online training accessible to organizations of all sizes (including SMBs). Please continue reading to learn how our platform can bring online and hybrid learning to the next level!

What Features Should I Look for in Training Software for Small Business?

The biggest difference between online training for SMBs and online training for larger organizations is that the smaller companies generally have fewer resources. Dojo360 allows you to choose a package that addresses your needs without paying for unnecessary features, making it a great choice if you have a tight budget. Here are five more features that any online training software for small business should have:

  1. Reporting Tools

    You can't afford to just assume that your employee training and development program is working - you have to prove it. Dojo360 allows instructors to include inline quizzes and other assessments in their lessons, breaking up large blocks of information and encouraging engagement. The results are also deposited directly into sortable dashboards, giving learners and instructors the evidence they need to take action if someone is falling behind.

  2. Mobile-Compatibility

    One of the biggest problems of remote training is that there is often a disconnect between training materials and an employee's day-to-day responsibilities. Dojo360 makes training content easy to access on all devices, allowing team members to double-check safety regulations before stocking a shelf or receive automatic reminders when they need more continuing education credits. Being able to train anywhere and at any time also promotes engagement because learners feel like they are more involved in the process.

  3. Two-Way Communication

    Traditional training typically entails an instructor lecturing at a group of learners. Learners might be asked to respond to questions, but there's no opportunity for learners to share their thoughts on the training itself. Dojo360 addresses this issue by providing surveys during and after lessons so that learners can share their thoughts with management. Not only can this foster a positive company culture where all voices feel heard, but it also gives instructors the evidence they need to create more effective courses in the future.

  4. Social Learning Opportunities

    Peers can be powerful motivators, so training software for small business has to include features to facilitate that. For example, Dojo360 supports video chat and threaded message boards so that all learners can communicate throughout their training journeys. Gamification elements such as leaderboards and badges also foster friendly competition, inspiring learners to take that extra course to keep up with their colleagues.

  5. Equal Accessibility

    Most SMBs cannot afford the high expenses that go with in-person training seminars and the loss of productivity while everybody is out training. Dojo360 supports virtual instructor-led training, or VILT, so that learners can attend synchronous training seminars without the expense. If somebody can't make it, no problem: the platform automatically records every session to give asynchronous learners equity in their access to the material covered.

What Else Should I Know About Online Training Software for Small Business?

The beauty of small businesses is that they can grow, and you want your training software for small business to be able to grow with you. Dojo360 is a cloud-based technology, meaning that it will be easy to scale up as your operations expand. Our platform also meets or exceeds all WCAG 2.0 guidelines, ensuring equity in access to training materials regardless of any learning differences team members may have.

We're confident that Dojo360 is among the best options for online training. If you don't believe us, please take a moment to explore Dojo360's features in further detail. It's engaged learning made easy!

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