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There are a number of reasons employees in the retail sector choose to remain with their current organizations beyond their salary and benefits package. It starts with smooth onboarding and a supportive company culture. Employees are also looking for fulfillment and job satisfaction. Effective team dynamics are another reason people choose to stay where they are. Additionally, personalized online training to help employees with upskilling so they can take advantage of advancement opportunities as they arise helps reduce turnover. In fact, 86% of millennials would stay in their current position if they knew that managerial training and development were offered by their employer according to a 2021 study conducted by Lorman.

We’re Turning, and our learning engagement platform, Dojo360, is perfect for retail management training programs. It can integrate with many of the LMS programs an organization uses. Companies can build a culture of continuous learning using all the benefits provided by Dojo360. Content creators can reuse and share content and leverage existing resources like PowerPoint presentations, images, and videos. Trainees can access content asynchronously at their convenience so the retail workspace is never understaffed. Dojo360 has everything you need to take your managers to the next level.

How can I spark my employees’ motivation to participate in upskilling courses?

While there is intrinsic motivation in a person’s desire to advance their career, sometimes employees need a bit of a nudge. Using Dojo360, companies can add gamification badges that align to specific behaviors and skill development milestones. Management position opportunities can then be advertised internally linked to certain badges that a trainee must have completed to apply. In addition, you can fuel some friendly competition with retail management training leaderboards, which are also available with Dojo360. The key is to re-start new leaderboards for each new group of employees so they don’t get discouraged by the high scores already attained by top performers. 

How can team leaders oversee the retail manager training programs with Dojo360?

Dojo360 comes with extensive reporting capabilities that allow team leaders to provide detailed oversight of manager trainees’ skill development. Each trainee has their own dashboard and team leaders can access these to see where each employee is in their self-paced training. There are also reports for each module or learning task so team leaders can see which trainees are rising to the top with regards to specific skills learned. Since embedded quizzes are available with Dojo360, team leaders can also see where employees need personalized intervention to help them move forward with confidence. In addition, polling can be used so popular content can be duplicated in additional training modules, fueling retention based on employee feedback. Content creators and team leaders have the flexibility to intervene with individuals or groups of potential manager trainees at any time.

How does Turning’s e³ philosophy drive a successful retail management training program?

Turning’s e³ philosophy is based on three important concepts: equity, evidence, and engagement. Equity means that all employees have equal access to the same training opportunity paths. Dojo360 meets or exceeds WCAG accessibility standards so no employee is shut out of the managerial training opportunities your company offers. Evidence means that sound decisions can be made based on the actual performance of each self-paced trainee. Various instructor reports are available so intervention can be made, when needed, long before a certification exam or an interview for a management position. Engagement means that employees are excited about learning. The user interface is easy to use and Dojo360 allows for gamification, multimedia authoring, curation, live instruction, and more to drive remarkable engagement experiences at every level. When retail management trainees are fully engaged in equitable training opportunities, your company can make wise promotional decisions based on sound evidence.

Dojo360 hits all the right buttons necessary to create excellent retail management training programs. If you’re interested in understanding more about how it could help your organization pursue its retail management training goals, explore Dojo360’s features in greater detail. We’re confident you will see the value in our learning engagement system.

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