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The retail industry is notorious for high employee turnover rates, and you might consider replacing workers as a sunk cost. However, just because it’s common doesn’t mean it’s inevitable. According to Glassdoor, an effective onboarding program can improve employee retention by as much as 84 percent in the retail sector. An effective retail training program provides other benefits as well, including an increase in employee engagement and improved productivity. Clearly, retail training programs are a prudent investment for organizations of all sizes. 

Of course, your retail training has to be effective to realize any of these benefits, and that’s where our e3 philosophy comes in. We are Turning, and our e3 philosophy is three simple words: equity, evidence, and engagement. Equity means that all team members receive the same retail training opportunities. Evidence means that you are using hard data to make smart decisions about your onboarding program. Finally, engagement means that learners want to learn as opposed to doing it because they have to. Our learning engagement platform, Dojo360, exemplifies all three of these things to facilitate top-notch retail sales training for your organization. 

What Does Effective Retail Training Need to Accomplish?

The ultimate goal of retail training is to help your team members feel comfortable with their role, confident in their ability to perform, and valuable to your organization. Helping employees feel comfortable begins by asking them what they want to know and ensuring that they do on day one. Dojo360 allows learners to provide feedback to their instructors, giving you the evidence you need to make sure all frequently-asked questions are answered. It can also help if employees can look forward to seeing a few familiar faces. Dojo360 includes a plethora of communication tools that you can use to set up a mentorship or buddy program before a fresh hire’s first day. 

Your new team member’s confidence will boil down to how effectively you trained them. If they need to read a box to explain a product’s features and benefits, they won’t feel like they know what they’re doing and it’ll show up in their performance. You can record seminars for on-demand access on Dojo360 to ensure that every team member understands the ins and outs of your organization’s top-selling products. Since this content can be accessed on-demand anyplace with a reliable internet connection, you will have equity in retail training. You can also cover company policies, contacts when team members need assistance, and your organization’s culture to help streamline the onboarding process. 

Investing in your employee’s development signals how much you value them, improving engagement. Dojo360 allows for personalized learning paths to help team members pursue the skills and career advancement opportunities that most interest them. If a sales clerk aspires to be a manager, they can take management courses. You can also solicit feedback from workers at all levels to help team members feel like their opinions matter. 

How Can I Measure the Efficacy of My Retail Training Program?

Effective retail training can require a substantial investment, and your organization’s stakeholders will want to see how it’s going. Luckily, Dojo360 makes it easy to track enrollment and attendance rates to give you the evidence you need to prove participation. Likewise, real-time assessments are graded automatically, and instructors are proactively alerted if a learner starts falling behind. Best of all, data is compiled on an intuitive instructor dashboard to make it easier to crunch the numbers. 

Dojo360 meets or exceeds all WCAG 2.0 guidelines, so every team member will have the same access to onboarding, upskilling, and reskilling opportunities. If you’d like to learn more about how our platform could help your organization pursue its retail training goals, explore Dojo360’s features in further detail. We’re confident that you will see its true value just as we have. 

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