Picking the Best Blended Learning Strategies for Your Organization

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Blended learning is on the rise throughout the academic and corporate worlds, and you might be wondering if your organization should follow suit. The concept behind a blended learning approach is simple: you’re combining the best parts of in-person instruction with the best parts of remote learning to give your learners a better educational experience. Implementing a blended learning approach can be much more challenging though. What should you cover face-to-face? How do you get students to “buy in” on remote learning? 

The key is to stop thinking of your courses as “online vs. offline” and start thinking of them as a cohesive whole with two distinct means of delivery. We are Turning, the educational experts behind the e3 philosophy of equity, evidence, and engagement, and our learning engagement platform Dojo360 is designed to facilitate multiple blended learning strategies. Please keep reading to learn more about how blended learning and Dojo360 can help your organization’s learners pursue success.

What Are Some Proven Blended Learning Strategies?

The beauty of blended learning is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, you can tailor your approach to the specific needs of your learners. With that in mind, here are three of the most effective blended learning strategies:

  1. The Flipped Classroom

    In a flipped classroom, learners are asked to review educational materials online so that in-person instruction can focus on applying that material instead of introducing it. Learners like this approach because it allows them to choose when and where they want to study the material (as long as it’s before class). Instructors can also get away from the lecture format that often bores learners, instead focusing on blended learning activities such as Q&A sessions, group work, class debates, and completing practice problems together.

    Dojo360 automatically records virtual attendance so you can tell at a glance who came to class prepared. Our platform also allows instructors to incorporate interactive quizzes into their virtual courses to promote student engagement while also providing the evidence they need to help any laggards catch up to their peers. All online course materials are also accessible on-demand, so your learners can go back for a quick refresher whenever they like.

  2. Individual Rotation

    The individual rotation format allows instructors to assign each learner a personalized workload, eliminating the annoying busy work in favor of courses that learners need or have shown interest in taking. This approach gives learners maximal flexibility in when and where they review their self-paced courses, promoting engagement by making them active participants in the learning process.

    The biggest downside is the logistics of managing so many courses, but Dojo360 makes it considerably easier. You can create personalized learning paths so that learners can quickly access the courses they want. All assessments are graded automatically and the results are deposited in a sortable instructor dashboard, so you’ll always have evidence when a learner struggles. Most importantly, your admin dashboard will show you who is taking what at a glance.

  3. Add Technology to Your Traditional Courses

    Blended learning doesn’t just mean that you record yourself giving a lecture and post it online. Visuals help many learners grasp new concepts, so embed a video into your lecture to help them see how blood flows through the human body or how to file insurance claim forms in a medical office. Likewise, modern technology allows learners to collaborate on their schedules, removing the time constraints traditionally associated with group work. eBooks are more affordable than traditional textbooks, and your learners will love using their favorite devices during lessons.

    Dojo360 gives instructors multimedia authoring tools including the complete library of Dojo photos, videos, and graphical assets, so you’ll be able to create something that stimulates learners. Communication tools such as message boards, live chat, and virtual meeting rooms ensure that learners can collaborate, and gamification elements like accomplishment badges foster friendly competition and engagement. You can even integrate Dojo360 into learning management systems to create a single resource with all of your engaging content. 

What Else Should Go into My Blended Learning Approach?

All students don’t have the same access to technology, so you have to ensure equity. Dojo360 meets or exceeds all WCAG 2.0 standards so you can trust that all learners will enjoy the same access to your content. Our platform is also scalable, so every learner will get the same experience even if you grow from tens of students to thousands. 

Dojo360 is the best way to add blended learning strategies to your organization’s educational program. We’re confident you’ll agree if you give it a chance. 

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