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Whether you’re creating an e-learning environment for young students, older students, or workplace learners, the inclusion of collaborative activities can lead to positive learner performance outcomes. These collaborative interactions make active learning and shared knowledge a foundation of e-learning and promote supportive social interaction in an online learning platform. At Turning, we believe in our e³ philosophy—equity, evidence, and engagement is our formula for online collaborative learning in the new normal. Our learning engagement platform, Dojo360, is the most flexible online collaborative learning platform that promotes the e³ philosophy in action.

How Dojo360 Meets the e³ Philosophy in Action

Equity is especially important in hybrid learning situations where some students are in the classroom with the instructor and some are attending the lesson online. Students need to be able to ask questions, participate in discussions, and collaborate on assignments just as easily whether they are attending online or in person. The same is true of students who are learning synchronously or asynchronously. Equitable learning means all students have equal opportunity and equal access to our collaborative learning platform.

Evidence is necessary for instructors to be able to deliver the best outcome for all learners. Real-time analytics used in a collaborative learning environment can give an instructor an accurate demonstration of each student’s level of understanding long before assessments are given. This allows the instructor to make use of personalized feedback and individualized lessons to provide more attention to students who need it. Using the online collaborative learning tools provided by Dojo360, instructors can be constantly aware of the evidence necessary to keep each student moving forward with confidence.

Engagement is essential for students of all ages. The most interesting subject can be the most dreaded if it’s not taught in an engaging manner. At the same time, the driest subject can be a favorite if it’s taught in an entertaining and engaging style. That’s why the Dojo360 collaborative learning platform provides instructors and learners with an easy-to-use interface that allows for gamification, capture, curation, multimedia authoring, and live instruction to drive exceptionally engaging experiences for each student.

Dojo360’s Online Collaborative Learning Tools

To begin with, Dojo360’s asset manager integrates a library of photo, video, and graphical assets that can be used to create lessons and assignments for students to work on in collaboration or on their own. Instructors can use the attendance tools to track student attendance both onsite and remotely. They also have access to instructor-level reports and learner dashboards. Dojo360 meets or exceeds WCAG (web content accessibility guidelines) 2.0 standards so all students are able to take advantage of its tools.

The greatest collaborative tool in Dojo360 is probably the virtual classroom. Students can engage with the instructor and each other using breakout rooms, chat functionality, discussions that include both in-person and online students, and whiteboarding.

Group activities are an important part of collaborative learning. Successful group activities allow learners to develop a sense of community and provide them with the opportunity to share their active roles and responsibilities within established groups. Dojo360 can be used to develop group activities for online learners. Instructors can divide students into small groups to perform the collaborative activities and have them come together into larger discussion groups to report their results and findings.

When learners engage in discussions with each other, the opportunity for knowledge retention is greater. It’s important that learners have the chance to reflect and share their viewpoints through online collaborative learning.

Collaborative Learning Online with Dojo360

Whether you are instructing high school students who are used to being in a classroom together or a disparate group of employees who need to learn the next skill for their occupational competency, Dojo360 provides you with everything you need. Your assessments can be integrated into the course content so you can keep track of learner progress in real time and assist students who begin to fall behind. To learn more about how Turning can help your organization with collaborative online learning, we encourage you to find out more about Dojo360 today.

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