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Whether you’re hiring entry-level home health care providers who only need a high school diploma or you’re hiring home health care RNs, they will need additional training to learn the ropes of your organization and to fulfill compliance and other training requirements. In today’s world, this training is as likely to be online as it is to be in person. There are also options to have either hybrid or blended learning solutions, which include both online and in-person training modules.

We’re Turning, and we’ve developed the Dojo360 learning engagement platform to integrate with many of the LMSs you may use, from Docebo to Blackboard. Dojo360 meets or exceeds WCAG accessibility standards so you can be confident that your employees are all capable of using our learning platform. Dojo360 can build a culture of continuous learning with the most reliable learning engagement platform on the planet. This is essential for the home health care business because ongoing training is a requirement of the job.

How can Dojo360 help develop and deliver home health care training?

Content creators love Dojo360 because it’s easy to bring static content to life. You can create interactive learning modules that include inline polling, dynamic PowerPoint presentations, and self-paced courses. Your presentations will keep the caregivers’ attention and keep them engaged throughout the entire learning experience. 

We have learned in the past years that Zoom doesn’t make a great classroom. Dojo360 takes your digital classroom as seriously as you take your physical classroom space. It includes built-in white boarding, breakout rooms, and chat functionality that creates a level of equitable engagement that may be even greater than that of your traditional classroom.

Employees in the home health care field do not all work the same hours. No matter how many employees you have, they can all learn on their own time. It isn’t always easy to maintain a sense of equity and consistency when trainees are learning asynchronously, but with Dojo360, you don’t need to worry about that. Employees can use message boards to share their reactions to the material when it’s convenient for them. Dojo360 brings in the power of collective individuality.

Dojo360 is a fully optimized hybrid or online learning solution that serves as a content management system with hundreds of reusable assessments, thousands of embedded images and videos, and the utility necessary to ingest and manage every file type you can think of. If you can make it, Dojo360 can take it.

Can I track online home health care training with Dojo360?

Online learning is useless without dynamic tracking capability. It could be overwhelming to manage trainees who all “attend” classes at different times. But that’s only if you don’t have Dojo360 to organize data for you.

To start with, you can seamlessly integrate polling, quizzing, and assessment tools right in each presentation. This not only helps keep the trainees engaged, but helps you, as an instructor, to constantly analyze how well your trainees are engaging and how well they are digesting information. 

Long before an all-important certification training, you can analyze the results of these integrated assessment tools and offer extra assistance where necessary. This can come in the form of additional training presentations or re-assigning the original presentations. Since each training module is available at any time, from any place, your trainees can review the material until they have a firm understanding of the concepts being explained.

You can view the results by question, by learner, or by date using the instructor-level reports and learner dashboards. By measuring outcomes continuously, you can drive success throughout your training program.

Customized Home Health Care Online Training

Dojo360 adapts to your needs to help you create and deliver the optimal learning experience for your home health care trainees. Using our e³ philosophy, which promotes equity, evidence, and engagement, you can revolutionize the way your organization conducts home health care employee training. Learn more about Dojo360 and how your organization’s training program can benefit from it today.

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