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Many companies have changed from in-person training sessions to online training. While this change has been largely driven by better access to technology and even more by the pandemic, many companies are realizing the benefits of online employee training. Many of these benefits have to do with cost. There are no travel costs, whether that’s for the employees or the instructor. At the same time, productivity losses are less significant because there is no travel time to and from the job site or even the city in which your organization is located.

Online employee training doesn’t come without its downsides, though. For example, instructors can be limited in their direct interaction with employees and some employees may not end up engaging with the material at the same rate as others. Whether your employees complete online training from home or the office, they may become distracted by family, other obligations, or the conversation around the water cooler. 

At Turning, we’ve created a learning engagement platform called Dojo360, which can help make online training an excellent solution for your employees. It uses our e³ philosophy—equity, evidence, and engagement—to help your employees learn effectively online. Continue reading to see how Dojo360’s e3 philosophy translates to excellent learning opportunities for your workers.

Equity—All Learners Have the Same Access

The learning experience for every one of your employees should be the same. This doesn’t mean that all people must learn in the same way to make use of Dojo360, but that it’s equally easy for each learner to ask questions, participate in discussions, and collaborate with their classmates. The same should be true whether your employees are training online synchronously (all at the same time) or asynchronously (on their own schedule). Dojo360 is a platform that promotes equity in online training by being geographically agnostic and equally accessible for learners and instructors.

Evidence—Instructors Know How Each Learner is Doing at all Times

An online employee training platform should provide empirical measurements that give instructors the information they need to deliver the best outcome for each learner. In part, this includes robust assessment tools so instructors can see how each trainee is performing on each module of the training. In addition, Dojo360 offers real-time analytics that can help instructors determine each learner’s comprehension well before they take the official assessments. This way, instructors can direct personal feedback to learners based on their actual understanding of the content. These analytics can alert the instructor when an employee needs more attention in a certain area. Dojo360 provides this kind of evidence through rich analytics and diagnostics.

Engagement—Learners are Involved Closely with all Material

In order to keep your busy employees’ attention, whether they are learning from their desk at work or at home, the content must be interesting to them. Dojo360 provides both instructors and trainees with an easy-to-use interface that guides them through training modules in a logical and entertaining manner. There are options for gamification, multimedia authoring, capture, curation, live instruction, and more. Training solutions that don’t allow for easy access to engaging material can cause problems for your employees. With Dojo360, they can engage with remarkable experiences at every level of training.

How Does Online Employee Training Work Best?

Instructors can use tools like video and audio files, online whiteboards, and chat functionality to present real-life scenarios that employees may face on the job. This helps with engagement because trainees intrinsically understand the value of the content. Dojo360 integrates with your LMS or LXP platforms, such as Google Classroom, Canvas, or others, so you can use these tools to their best effect. Instructors can use points or badges to create friendly competition between individuals or groups to further draw them in. Accessibility is crucial for all trainees, and Dojo360 meets or exceeds all WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards to ensure equal access to everyone.

Dojo360 provides everything you need in a learning engagement platform so you can provide the best online training for employees. Discover everything Dojo360 has to offer today and see how your organization can promote training best practices for all employees.

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