Manufacturing Training Programs for Safety, Productivity, and Retention

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Manufacturing companies in the US need to be as lean and productive as possible. This can happen more effectively when employees have access to continuous learning opportunities. To begin with, all manufacturing employees, even those who work in the office, need comprehensive safety training. To reach the needed level of productivity, continuous training on updated processes and upgraded machinery is necessary. And one study shows that retention rates rise 30-50% in companies with strong learning cultures.

Especially in recent years, online, hybrid, and blended eLearning options have become increasingly popular ways to train employees. This can help reduce the need for employees to travel, improve the productivity of the plant overall, and encourage employees to play an active part in their training by taking responsibility to complete the online modules at a time that is convenient for them and for the company. 

We’re Turning, and our Dojo360 learning engagement platform is an excellent choice to use for training programs for manufacturing employees. The Dojo360 platform works dynamically with many of the LMS (learning management systems) your organization may be using. It has features that make it perfect for blended, hybrid, or fully online training programs.

How can Turning’s e³ philosophy help with manufacturing compliance training?

Our e³ philosophy is what drives the Dojo360 platform. The philosophy consists of equity, evidence, and engagement.

Equity means that each trainee has the same learning experience, whether they are training in person or online. They can ask questions, participate in discussions, or collaborate on assignments online or in person. Learners can learn asynchronously or synchronously, whichever is appropriate for the manufacturer. Dojo360 is accessible for learners and instructors from any location at any time. In addition, Dojo360 meets or exceeds WCAG accessibility guidelines, ensuring an equitable learning situation for every trainee.

Evidence means that Dojo360 is committed to empirical measurements that provide the kind of information that instructors rely on to deliver the best outcomes for each trainee. Dojo360 provides the ability to conduct assessments, but also uses real-time analytics that demonstrate each trainee’s comprehension before the big assessments. This allows instructors to leverage personalized feedback and provide proactive assistance to trainees that need extra attention. Dojo360 has rich analytics and diagnostics so instructors can stay on top of the effectiveness of training modules at all times.

Engagement means that trainees’ attention is kept focused on the training because it is interesting and even entertaining. Dojo360 has an interface that is easy for both instructors and trainees to use and offers opportunities for gamification, multimedia authoring, capture, curation, live instruction, and more. These options keep employees engaged and give them remarkable experiences at every level.

Compliance training that is equitable and engaging and that provides continual evidence of trainees’ performance is a formula for success. When the annual cost to companies that experience non-compliance issues is, on average, $14.82 million, successful compliance training is essential. Dojo360 enables manufacturers to enforce the best compliance training.

How can Dojo360 improve a manufacturers’ safety and productivity metrics?

Safety and productivity go hand-in-hand in a manufacturing setting. Decreased safety leads to decreased productivity as employees who are injured take time off on workers’ compensation pay. By implementing thorough manufacturing safety training programs using Dojo360, manufacturers can improve both safety and productivity. 

Some safety training can be done online and some must be done on the floor. Dojo360’s ability to utilize a hybrid learning solution makes it perfect for this type of situation. Employees can work on interactive safety training modules online and then come to the floor at set times once Dojo360 demonstrates they have completed the prerequisite training exercises with acceptable scores. This streamlines the training process and ensures that each trainee reaches a predetermined level of understanding before they interact with potentially dangerous equipment.

Dojo360 is an excellent solution for training manufacturing employees well. Learn more about all the features you can use with Dojo360. We believe you’ll want to use it to implement your manufacturing company’s compliance training as soon as possible.

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