Making the Most of Training Videos for Employees

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Video content has been considered the gold standard for training purposes for years now, but learners are becoming more difficult to please. It might have been enough to offer a low-budget video explaining safety protocols or how to use a data entry system in 2015, but today's learners expect high-resolution images, engagement features, and on-demand access to training videos for employees. If you aren't sure if your employment training videos are keeping up, we've got a smart solution. Dojo360 is engaged learning made easy. We built our learning engagement platform from the ground up based on our e³ philosophy principles of equity, evidence, and engagement in order to facilitate all levels of learning. Please continue reading to learn more about how the experts at Turning can help you make the most of every employee training video.

What Makes Training Videos for Employees such a Powerful Educational Tool?

Videos can break up traditional lecture-based information delivery, offering variety in the learning process and promoting information retention. Video is also a great way to show visual learners how a concept or process works, deepening their understanding of the material. Video can reinforce text-based information as well, helping learners better internalize knowledge. Self-led online employee training was also the most popular form of training among workers according to a 2020 Vyond study.

How Does Dojo360 Make Employment Training Videos More Effective?

Our learning engagement platform makes it easy for instructors to create video-based course content and for learners to get the most out of it. If your organization already has training videos on an LMS, Dojo360 can integrate with most systems on the market, including Canvas and D2L Brightspace. If your training videos are on a website such as YouTube, adding them to a course is as easy as copying the URL and pasting it into a box. You can also select from an extensive collection of pre-made videos and other graphical assets to streamline the course creation process.

Training videos for employees are also more effective if learners can access “just enough” educational content “just in time,” meaning whenever they need it throughout the workday. Content on Dojo360 is accessible on mobile devices, promoting learner engagement by allowing employees to access videos on their terms. For example, an associate could access sales training video content on their lunch break. Video content runs smoothly on smaller screens for a great learning experience.

Most importantly, Dojo360 meets or exceeds all WCAG 2.0 guidelines, ensuring that learners with sensory impairments enjoy equity in access to all of the training content your organization provides, including video.

Aren't Training Videos for Employees Effective Enough Without All of That?

While employment training videos are more engaging than other forms of information delivery, they still aren't perfect. Only 28% of learners claimed that they gave training videos their full, undivided attention according to a 2019 Kaltura survey, while 67% admitted to skimming through them, watching with the sound turned off, or playing them in the background while they were concentrating on something else.

Dojo360 includes powerful reporting tools so that instructors can tell at a glance who watched the videos during self-paced assignments, giving instructors the evidence they need to take appropriate action. Instructors can also incorporate inline quizzes directly into video content on our platform to promote learner engagement and provide evidence so you can help any employees who are falling behind.

How Can I Learn More About Your Platform?

Dojo360 is the learning engagement platform built for everyone, everywhere, and we would be delighted to show you everything it can do. Book a demo today to experience its functionality for yourself!

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