Is Online Learning as Good as Face-to-Face Learning?

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Online learning can be just as good, and sometimes offers extra benefits, when compared to learning in person. It all depends on the learning platform you use, the content creation team, and the delivery of the content to the users. We’re Turning, and using our Dojo360 learning engagement platform, you can create courses and learning modules you can use both online and in the classroom to fully engage learners.

Face-to-face courses often require a greater time investment for both student and teacher compared to online courses. This includes the time it takes to get back and forth to class, hand-grading assessments, and more. eLearning options allow students to split the time they are investing in the course in whatever way works best for them, and it reduces much of the paperwork an instructor has to get through. 

How can online learning drive user engagement?

A study by the Brandon Hall Group indicates that eLearning can leverage immersive tools and technologies to help drive engagement as well as positive outcomes. Dojo360 uses a number of engagement tools that lead to immersive learning experiences that improve retention and have a stronger impact on learners.

Gamification drives engagement and results by offering rewards and recognition to learners, making learning fun. Participating in a game, by definition, requires learner engagement rather than a passive learning experience. Rewards help motivate learners toward the best outcomes. Dojo360’s gamification has a number of positive impacts on learning including high engagement quotient, better completion rates, higher recall and retention, faster time to learning application, proficiency gain, and higher influence or trigger on behavioral change.

Dojo360 allows content creators to use microlearning modules that make it a key component of immersive learning in corporations. Microlearning makes it easier to move learning into a person’s regular workflow. Rather than being an interruption, it becomes a part of the job. Microlearning uses infographics, short videos, scenarios, and quick messages from leadership to fight off the Forgetting Curve and ensure a high retention rate. By making opportunities for microlearning accessible, on-demand, intermediate to formal training, and transitional, Dojo360 can be used to make it more immersive and to draw the best outcomes.

Video-based learning is nothing new, but it can be used in new ways to make eLearning a more immersive experience. First, teaser videos can be used to spark curiosity and raise awareness among digital learners. You can use analytical tools to determine which parts of the video grab the most attention and use that information to keep digital learners engaged. Dojo360 can manage all kinds of content for you including eye-catching visuals that can be used in videos that leverage audio appropriately and incorporate storytelling.

Scenario-based learning is another strategy you can utilize with the Dojo360 platform as the most immersive kind of learning. To make scenarios immersive and effective, make sure they are realistic and specific to the learners. Have the scenarios branch out based on interactions with users. State the real-world value to each learner and incorporate real-world tools that they will be able to use immediately upon learning them. To get the best effect, create conflict and problem-solving simulations to teach learners to think critically and realistically about life situations. 

In what ways is eLearning better than face-to-face learning?

Because eLearning can provide a more immersive and flexible user experience, retention rates can be higher than in a traditional classroom. Learners can work at their own speed and on their own time, giving them greater control over their learning and their lives. eLearning also lends itself to more frequent, lower-tension assessments that allow instructors to intervene earlier when assistance is needed. Finally, eLearning is a much greener option than in-class learning. 

Are you convinced that eLearning may be equal to, if not better than, face-to-face learning? If so, we invite you to explore Dojo360’s many features in further detail and to understand how our e³ philosophy drives user equity, evidence, and engagement.

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