Increasing Manufacturing Employee Engagement Through Ongoing Training

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If your organization is involved with manufacturing, you probably understand the importance of proper onboarding to workplace safety and worker productivity. However, the training shouldn’t stop after an employee has been on the job for a while. Investing in your team’s development can enhance employee engagement. Engaged employees pay more attention to what they’re doing, minimizing preventable mistakes and boosting your organization’s output. They are also more vigilant about following safety protocols, creating a safer workplace for all of their coworkers. Most importantly, engaged employees are more likely to remain with their current employer, saving their organization significant hiring costs.

Achieving manufacturing employee engagement may seem difficult, but our learning engagement platform makes it easier. We are Turning, specialists in the fields of professional training and education, and our platform is called Dojo360. We’ve designed it around our signature e³ philosophy of equity, evidence, and engagement to turn passive learners into avid consumers of active learning experiences. We feel that the result is one of the best tools of its kind on the market today. 

How Can Better Training Facilitate Manufacturing Employee Engagement?

An engaged employee adopts their organization’s goals as their own, a definition that doesn’t immediately suggest that training is a key factor. Effective training can make a huge difference though. Here are four ways an effective training program can improve manufacturing employee engagement:

  1. Training Signals that Employees

    Are in Your Organization’s Future Plans If your team members think that you only see them as short-term contributors, they have no reason to care about your organization’s future because it doesn’t include them. Investing in their personal development through upskilling and reskilling programs shows employees that you want them to grow with your organization, giving them more reason to show loyalty.

    Dojo360 allows you to create personalized learning paths for each learner, allowing team members to choose where they want their career to go and take courses to make that happen.

  2. Training Fosters a Sense of Community

    People naturally become more engaged if they feel like they are part of a larger group and training can help with that. If all of your employees saw the VP’s welcome speech on your organization’s vision, that becomes a shared experience that they can bond over. If the fifth question on an assessment had a humorous answer choice, it can become an inside joke.

    Dojo360 includes collaboration tools such as video chat and live message boards to allow team members to share these experiences even if they are miles apart geographically. Mentorship programs are also possible thanks to our platform’s virtual meeting spaces.

  3. Training Helps Team Members Feel Significant to Your Organization’s Goals

    Your onboarding materials probably include a mission statement for your organization, but how that relates to the worker on the factory floor isn’t always obvious. Training provides you with an opportunity to share not only how employees should do their job but why they are doing it that way, making it easier to see their contributions as part of a larger whole.

    Dojo360 allows you to provide personalized feedback to every learner, ensuring that they feel like important individuals as opposed to numbers. You may also get the evidence you need to improve operations.

  4. Training Fosters Participation

    Some learners are shy about sharing their opinions during large in-person training seminars, leaving them isolated from their colleagues. Virtual training can make it easier for these individuals to share their ideas with others, promoting equity throughout your organization’s community.

    Dojo360 takes this a step further with gamification elements to promote engagement. Even the shyest team member might want to match a colleague who earned a new badge.

How Can I Measure Employee Engagement Manufacturing?

Dojo360 automatically tracks enrollment and attendance rates, giving your organization’s stakeholders the evidence they need to calculate ROI. You can also design questionnaires that ask team members how they’ve applied what they learned on the job for a more practical perspective. 

If you aren’t yet convinced that Dojo360’s many features are the answer to all of your manufacturing employee engagement needs, we invite you to learn more about it. We hope that you use it to engage your entire workforce!

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