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Healthcare is often all about getting the job done because there are literally lives at stake, but softer skills such as customer service can play a big role in how your patients perceive your organization. If a customer finds it difficult to schedule an appointment or get an answer to their questions, they may take their business elsewhere or post a negative review warning others to avoid you. In contrast, satisfied patients will continue using your team and even refer others to your organization. Ensuring that your patients have a great experience from first contact through discharge is a key driver of your bottom line. 

Delivering great customer service begins with the right healthcare customer service training. A robust program can not only improve patient satisfaction but inspire your employees to be more engaged and effective at work. Dojo360 is a powerful learning engagement platform designed by the experts at Turning to streamline healthcare customer service training, ensuring that your team has the requisite skills and self-confidence to meet your patients’ needs. 

What Do I Need for Effective Customer Service Training in Healthcare?

Generic customer service programs do not cover the particulars of the healthcare industry and are unsuited to organizations in the field. Instead, you need targeted customer service training for healthcare workers to ensure that your team knows how to handle angry or confused patients. Here are four features that you’ll definitely want:

  1. Collaboration Tools

    Practice makes perfect, so you’ll want to offer all learners a way to practice their customer service skills in realistic settings. For instance, Dojo360 allows instructors to break their classes into pairs using virtual meeting rooms and have them roleplay doctor-patient interactions to gain valuable experience without risking existing patient relationships. Both parties can then return to the group and brainstorm solutions for any issues that arose.

  2. Analytical Reporting Tools

    Offering healthcare customer service training doesn’t mean that your team will take it seriously, so you have to ensure that the information sticks. Dojo360 automatically tracks attendance and notifies you if learners aren’t completing their courses. Instructors can also include assessments in their lessons so you don’t have to wait for test day to determine if learners are grasping the material. Learners can answer polls and provide other forms of feedback to supply their instructors with the evidence they need to improve customer service training in healthcare moving forward too.

  3. Blended Learning Capabilities

    Healthcare professionals lead busy lives and it’s unrealistic to ask them to put everything on hold to attend in-person customer service training. Dojo360 allows you to create blended courses with live online classes and self-paced assignments to help all learners learn at their preferred pace. This promotes engagement while also allowing learners to rewind anything they didn’t completely understand the first time. Likewise, Dojo360 integrates with LMS and LXP software to allow instructors to reuse any existing content they have and manage everything in one place. If you already have a great presentation on medical terminology for your receptionists, why waste time recreating it?

  4. Engagement Tools

    The best teachers find a way to engage students even if the content is dry, and the same holds for customer service training in healthcare. Instructors have access to the complete Dojo library of photos, video, and other graphical assets to make something that pops. Gamification elements are also available to make courses more fun. You can even walk your learners through realistic simulations to help them see the consequences of poor customer service for themselves. The results can be humorous as long as there are no real patients involved for a little more engagement in your learners. 

Is There Anything Else I Should Look for in a Healthcare Customer Service Training Tool?

Your organization’s customer service is only as good as its weakest link, so you have to make sure that all learners have equal access to the content you’re providing. Dojo360 meets or exceeds all WCAG 2.0 guidelines, ensuring equal access for all employees. Instructors can also design one course for in-person learners, remote learners, and asynchronous learners on our platform to ensure true equity. If your organization is growing, no problem. Dojo360 is a suitable training tool for SMBs and enterprise organizations alike. 

Implementing a healthcare customer service training program can increase patient satisfaction, improve employee engagement, and make a meaningful impact on your organization’s profitability. We encourage you to learn more about Dojo360’s many features and how our e³ philosophy was the driving force behind its creation!

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