How Upskilling Can Prepare Your Organization for Future Challenges

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Employees are more likely to stick with their current employer if they feel that their role offers opportunities for personal and professional growth, and upskilling is a great way to provide those opportunities to your entire team. Furthermore, a Gallup poll recently concluded that the cost of replacing an individual employee can cost anywhere from 1.5-2.0 times their annual salary. If you are losing workers because team members feel that they cannot grow in your organization, investing in upskilling can save your organization a lot of money through improved employee retention rates. Dojo360 is a learning engagement platform designed by Turning to leverage modern technology to help learners grow. 

Put simply, Dojo360 is an example of our e³ philosophy in action. The e3 philosophy is built around three words all starting with the letter “e”: equity, evidence, and engagement. We believe that all learners deserve the same upskill training possibilities and designed our platform accordingly. If you want to make sure that remote learners all get the same training, Dojo360 makes it easy to create a standardized organization-wide curriculum. Likewise, the Dojo360 platform proactively alerts instructors when learners are struggling with a given topic to ensure that nobody is left behind. Most importantly, Dojo360 facilitates engaging courses, classes, and assignments that your team will want to take as opposed to sitting through them because they have to. 

What is Upskilling and Why is it so Important?

Upskilling may be defined as helping current team members improve their skill sets and offer more value to your organization. It should not be confused with reskilling, which entails developing a completely new skill set as opposed to improving an existing one. Digital upskilling is one of the most common approaches because it allows organizations to structure their training programs while also permitting learners to study when and where they want to. Dojo360 includes five powerful features to make digital upskilling easier for everybody involved:

  1. Blended Learning Options
  2. Our platform makes it easy for your organization to host an on-site educational seminar for your entire team and follow up with personalized online learning modules to address each team member’s unique needs. Instructors can also record lectures and brainstorming sessions and make them available for on-demand playback. 

  3. Virtual Workspaces
  4. Mentoring is one of the most important aspects of any upskill training program, but how does that work if your team members aren’t sharing an office? Dojo360 includes virtual meeting rooms, live chat functionality, and whiteboard capabilities to facilitate team communication regardless of geographic proximity. In turn, this fosters equity in the digital upskilling process.

  5. LMS and LXP Integration
  6. If your organization already has educational materials on platforms such as Google Classroom, Canvas, D2L, or Moodle, you can import them to Dojo360 and keep using them to upskill your employees. Instructors can also create brand new courses to keep up with industry changes or compliance guidelines, all on one platform. 

  7. Powerful Engagement Tools
  8. Dojo360 includes access to an extensive library of photos, videos, and other graphical assets to help instructors foster engagement with course content. Learners can also provide real-time feedback on lessons to help their instructors improve them in the future. 

  9. Built-In Analytics and Assessments
  10. Our platform automatically keeps track of who completed which assignments and makes individual assessment scores available on an intuitive instructor dashboard, providing evidence that organizations of all sizes can use to provide personalized support to every learner. Dojo360 is also highly scalable so it can grow with your organization.

Why is Dojo360 the Best Way to Upskill Employees?

Our platform meets or exceeds WCAG 2.0 standards to ensure that all learners have equal access to upskill training, supports live webinars that can serve as standalone courses or complementary material, and delivers tons of data so that future decisions regarding digital upskilling can be based on empirical evidence. We’ve also ensured that everything is available when instructors and learners need it most. 

Access to upskilling opportunities can be a reason why employees choose to stay with your organization or leave you behind for greener pastures, and you do not want to hire and train new team members if you don’t have to. Dojo360 leverages our e³ philosophy to ensure that your company, nonprofit, or governmental agency is on the cutting edge of employee training to improve retention rates and reap the benefits of a more skilled, motivated team. We encourage you to learn more about everything Dojo360 brings to the table!

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