How Training Affects Employee Engagement

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Many companies find onboarding to be a challenge. Since employees are not usually fully invested in their new job when they’re first hired, keeping them engaged and connected within the first three months through a thorough onboarding training program is essential. 

In a 2014 survey by BambooHR, 23% of employees who left their position within the first six months said that receiving clear guidelines as to what their responsibilities were would have helped them stay on the job. An additional 21% said they wanted more effective training. Around 33% of the new hires who had quit said they had hardly any to no onboarding at all. 

The facts make it clear—proper training is a major factor in overall employee engagement. Fortunately, Turning’s Dojo360 learning engagement platform has everything you need to create engaging training programs so your employees can successfully complete their training.

What features are needed for engaging employee training?

The first essential factor in creating an engaging employee training experience is accessibility—every employee must be able to access the training in a meaningful way. Dojo360 meets or exceeds Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) so each employee is ensured as rewarding a training experience as every other employee.

Another way to create an engaging training program is to create individual modules that focus on one learning objective and to have each module build on the previous one. Dojo360 is a powerful content manager and allows creators to develop presentations of all kinds, including short and sweet, single-objective learning modules.

In addition, each module should include multimedia elements, incorporate color to make it livelier and to aid in pattern recognition, and include interactive elements including quizzes, group discussions, or roleplaying activities. The Dojo360 platform hosts audio, video, and images as well as interactive polling, quizzes, and discussion boards to make all of the above possible.

Gamification is a word that is tossed around the eLearning world a great deal. But what does it mean? Simply put, it turns learning into a friendly and competitive game. Trainees are grouped together by class, topic, skill, or other subjects, and are encouraged to play “against” each other. As they develop skills, they can earn colorful badges and a higher place on the leaderboard. While this competition is in place to increase engagement, each trainee knows the true win is when each employee is equally successful. 

Engaging training material often includes real-world examples. This may include scenarios or actual supporting documents. Because the content in Dojo360 can be changed quickly and easily, learning modules can be updated to reflect the most recent issues on the job. The multimedia capabilities extend to supplemental material like PDFs, blog posts, or other detailed material that is helpful for employees who want to expand upon what they learn.

When employees can learn when it’s convenient for them, not only can they take advantage of on-demand learning options available through Dojo360, but they can remain productive at work while training. On-demand training also allows employees to rewatch modules when they feel the need to fill in gaps in their knowledge.

Holding employees accountable may sound harsh, but it is a necessary component of keeping them engaged in the training process. Therefore, the instructor reports that outline each user’s engagement with the material and performance level are useful in keeping each trainee on the required timeline. Additionally, the detail level of the reports gives instructors an opportunity to intervene early on when extra assistance is needed for an individual trainee.

The Three Most Important Components of Engaging Training

Turning’s e³ philosophy informs the design of Dojo360 and includes equity, evidence, and engagement. Equity, as mentioned, means that each trainee can equally access the training. Evidence means that Dojo360 provides instructor-level reports by user, by quiz, and even by question, as well as attendance reports. Engagement is the key to successful outcomes when it comes to employee training, and Dojo360 is set up to create the most engaging employee training possible.

If our learning engagement platform sounds like the right one for you, learn more about Dojo360’s features today. You’ll be glad you did.

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