How to Maximize eLearning in the Healthcare Field

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As eLearning becomes the standard way that healthcare employees experience training opportunities and requirements, it’s essential to find the right learning engagement platform. 

If your organization uses hybrid learning, where some trainees are in the physical classroom and some are learning remotely, your platform needs to be able to engage all trainees equally and allow you to track their performance and engagement equally. If you’re using blended learning, where each trainee spends part of their time in the physical classroom and the rest in the online classroom, you need to keep their attention online as well as or better than you do in person and track the amount of time they are engaging with the material remotely. If your organization is using 100% eLearning, you need to be able to track attendance, keep each employees’ interest, and provide equitable access to all trainees. Because the healthcare industry is so large, you probably also need a platform that can switch easily between these different class styles.

That’s where Dojo360 comes into play. Dojo360 can interact with many of the LMSs you may be using and offers excellent eLearning solutions for both instructors and trainees.

How Our e³ Philosophy Contributes to the eLearning Healthcare Environment

We’re Turning, and our e³ philosophy encompasses equity, evidence, and engagement. 

Equity is important to healthcare eLearning solutions because it means that all trainees, whether they are in the physical classroom with the instructor or participating online are able to ask questions, take part in discussions, or collaborate with classmates on an assignment with an equal amount of ease. Dojo360 is an equitable platform for healthcare training because it is geographically agnostic and accessible for both trainees and instructors.

Evidence is essential to healthcare eLearning solutions because there must be empirical measurements that give instructors the information they need to deliver the best outcome for all trainees. Real-time analytics can alert an instructor to an individual trainee who is struggling with content long before official assessments are conducted. This allows instructors to provide personalized instruction as needed. Dojo360 provides for rich analytics and robust diagnostics by question, by trainee, or by date.

Engagement is critical to healthcare eLearning solutions because it is the key to reaching each healthcare trainee with the information they need in a way that they will pay attention to and learn from. If an eLearning platform doesn’t allow for easy access to engaging material, trainees can be put at a great disadvantage. Dojo360 offers an easy-to-use interface with options for gamification, multimedia authoring, capture, curation, live instruction, and more. Users will have remarkable experiences at every level.

Instructor-Level Reports to Drive Medical eLearning

There’s really no room for failure in healthcare eLearning because lives may be at stake. That’s why Dojo360’s instructor reports are so crucial. Whether your trainees are studying in person, online, or a combination of both, you can determine how often they are engaging in content on the Dojo360 learning platform, how well they are comprehending the material presented, and how often they review the information. 

With Dojo360, you can compare how all of your trainees performed on a particular quiz or you can zoom in on one trainee’s dashboard to make sure they’re keeping up after you provided some individualized instruction for them. Dojo360 integrates directly into your LMS so you can always be aware of your trainee’s engagement and performance in order to drive equitable success for every individual in your healthcare eLearning classroom.

Additional Benefits of Dojo360 as a Healthcare eLearning Solution

Dojo360 ensures equity in instruction by making sure all materials are accessible to all team members, meeting or exceeding all WCAG 2.0 guidelines. Employees can choose when and where to engage with the material, meaning there is no reason to lose productivity in the healthcare arena. Dojo360 is scalable so it will work for just a few employees or for the full healthcare team, no matter how large.

 We’re excited about Dojo360 and would like to share more about it with your organization. We invite you to learn more about Dojo 360’s features for healthcare eLearning today.

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