How to Make Remote Learning Fun with Dojo360

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When you think of the most fun times that you have had, it’s probably not the times you’ve spent in the classroom or at the computer learning. But there’s no reason you can’t make remote learning activities fun for your students or trainees of all ages. Maybe not as fun as a day at the lake or a night at the club, but more fun than an online classroom that uses a camera and microphone to “simulate” being in the class listening to a lecturing instructor.

Instead, you can focus on how to make remote learning its own experience, using the tools provided by us, Turning, in our learning engagement platform, Dojo360. From K12 to higher education to the workplace, Dojo360 has your learning program covered. As you build the most engaging course content and presentation, you can adapt courses quickly and easily based on learner feedback and needs. Continue reading to learn about some of the features that Dojo360 has that help engage students of all ages.

How does Turning’s e³ philosophy help engage learners?

Our e³ philosophy focuses on equity, evidence, and engagement. Equity means that every learner has the same ability to access materials and interact with the instructor and classmates. Because our platform meets or exceeds WCAG accessibility standards, equity is built into our design. Evidence means Dojo360 provides real-time attendance, engagement, and performance reports to instructors so they can guide successful outcomes on an individual basis where needed.

The third part of our e³ philosophy is engagement. It’s in the name—we provide numerous features to help engage learners. You have many opportunities to present content to students in an engaging manner so they have remarkable learning experiences at every level.

What Dojo360 features encourage engagement?

With Dojo360, you can present live lessons to remote learners. But these are more than just filming an instructor talking—session chat encourages engagement between instructor and students as well as peer-to-peer engagement through fun remote learning activities. 

In addition to live lessons, content creators can develop interesting presentations that make use of audio, video, interactive embedded quizzes, and a whole catalog of images that can be used and reused. You can make short presentations with bite-sized lessons that users can learn at their own pace and connect interactive assignments to each lesson. 

Because a little friendly competition can be a good thing, Dojo360 has gamification features that can encourage learners to compete with each other to get the highest scores or the most badges. You can design content- or skill-specific badges and users can display them on their individualized dashboards. Each topic or learning section can have a leaderboard that indicates who has mastered the most skills or mastered specified skills most quickly.

Dojo360 provides message boards that can be organized by topic or by question or issue. This way, learners can interact with one another at their convenience and help each other as they continue learning together. Answers to frequently asked questions can be posted so all learners can have their questions answered whenever they access the material, even if that’s at 3:00 in the morning.

Dojo360 content can be accessed by learners at any time and from any location or device. You can create deliverables that can be completed quickly and conveniently, offering students or trainees the ability to absorb and retain the information anytime and anywhere. 

Whatever content you want to bring to Dojo360, our platform seamlessly integrates with whatever LMS you are currently using. Feel free to explore Dojo360 in further detail to learn more about how you can use it to make remote learning more fun for your learners of any age.

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