How to Leverage Employee Performance Metrics in Training Programs

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Statistics indicate that companies across the globe are investing heavily in employee training and education. Just in the United States, spending on employee training has been increasing by 14% annually. But what happens after the training is completed? How do you know that it was effective? It's important that your organization is able to capture employee training performance metrics to make sure that the training is leading to the desired result.

We're Turing, and our Dojo360 learning engagement platform was designed using our e3 philosophy, which includes engagement, equity, and evidence. There are plenty of reports available to help your company evaluate the effectiveness of employee training on an individual and a company-wide level.

Why is it important to evaluate employee training performance metrics?

There are a few reasons evaluating your employees' performance in training programs is essential. First, knowing that their results are going to be analyzed keeps employees more engaged in the training and helps with the retention of information learned. So evaluating employees' performance actually improves their performance.

Additionally, by being able to see what areas of training cause the most difficulty for the largest number of trainees, you can plan future training courses better, or easily edit the current training course. If one or two employees are struggling with a certain concept, you can intervene to help them. If an entire class is struggling with a module, it may be that the course content needs to be changed to be more easily understood.

Finally, you are training your employees to see results in the workplace in the form of increased productivity, higher sales, internal advancement, and other positive outcomes. If you don't measure the effectiveness of training, you can't be certain whether these results can be expected, and if they are achieved, whether they were the result of the employee training program.

Which employee metrics will benefit my company's training program?

Dojo360 gives instructors a variety of performance metrics with which they can evaluate the effectiveness of each element of the employee training program, starting with engagement. With the click of a button, an instructor can see which employees have signed into each training course, how long they have spent engaging with the material, and what percentage of the course they have completed. This can trigger reminders for trainees who are falling behind.

The presentations created in Dojo360 can include inline questions in formats like multiple-choice, true or false, or others. This allows instructors to get real-time information on how well each trainee is understanding the material. Instructors can view reports that show how a particular individual is performing, how an entire class is performing on a question-by-question basis, or how an entire class is performing overall. This allows for the appropriate responses, as mentioned above, to aid individuals or improve the training material.

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