How to Improve Employee Engagement Metrics

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You've probably heard about employee engagement. You may even have heard that you should be measuring it. But what specifically should you be measuring and how should you be doing so? Employee training is an integral part of the workplace, and online training is quickly becoming the new normal. Along with online learning, it's important to be able to keep track of who does what and how well. That's why the Dojo360 learning engagement platform has so many features to help your organization keep track of employee engagement metrics.

Why are employee engagement metrics important?

Whether you're training employees on compliance for safety measures, cross-training them so they can step into other positions on occasion when needed, or preparing them to take on new responsibilities, it's important to know that they are showing up for their online training. It's also essential to know that they are succeeding in their training.

For one thing, you may need to be able to report to a regulatory board that each employee has successfully completed the required safety training and back that information up with records. Additionally, if an employee is training to take on new responsibilities, you want to be able to see evidence that they are proficient in their knowledge and skills before placing them in a position to perform new tasks on their own.

Finally, you need to know that your employees are spending their time doing what they are supposed to be doing. If you have set aside a certain number of hours in their schedule for training, you need to be able to see what they are doing during those hours. No matter how much you trust your employees, you need a mechanism to verify that they are doing the tasks they are assigned.

Examples of Employee Engagement Metrics

With Dojo360, you have a variety of metrics you can view to keep track of employee training. The most basic metric, attendance, is available at a glance. You can choose one employee and view their attendance record as a whole, or you can pick a certain course and view the attendance of all the employees assigned to it. You can then send friendly reminders to any employee who has not completed a course as the due date approaches.

Attendance is not all you can track with Dojo360. You can track employee performance in a few different ways. First, you can see a snapshot of a particular employee's performance across all the courses they are taking and all the quizzes and tests they have taken. This allows you to intervene with an individual employee who may need some additional assistance.

You can also view performance by question. If there's a particular question that many employees had a difficult time with, you can go over that material in an additional module, or you can look at the current training material and consider editing it for clarification. If most employees have gotten most questions in a module correct, you know you can move on to the next subject with confidence.

With the ability to measure employee engagement in each aspect of your training programs, you can make sure that the top-performing employees get the recognition they deserve. Dojo360 can help with that, offering completion and performance badges and leaderboards to encourage friendly competition between trainees. You can make sure that employees who need a bit of assistance get it in a timely manner so that they can keep up with the rest of their peers. Timely and comprehensive employee engagement metrics ensure that your training programs operate at the optimum effectiveness at all levels.

How can my company capture the best employee engagement metrics?

The best employee engagement metrics come from using the best learning engagement platform, which is Dojo360. Our e³ philosophy, which focuses on equity, evidence, and engagement, guides all of our features. To learn more about the many helpful features of Dojo360, set up a demo today. We know that you'll be glad you did.

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