How to Drive Success with Hybrid Instruction


The landscape of learning has changed drastically in the past couple of years. While there were online learning opportunities already, the pandemic whipped every learner into the online classroom. Now we have face-to-face learning, blended learning, hybrid learning, and online learning. Depending on risk factors, students may start the week with one kind of learning and end the week with another kind. It can all be quite confusing. This article is going to discuss hybrid learning—what it is and how our Echo360 and Dojo360 learning engagement software can be leveraged to drive successful learning outcomes in a hybrid learning environment.

What is hybrid instruction exactly?

Hybrid instruction combines face-to-face and online teaching into one cohesive experience for students. Students attend classes in person as well as away from the classroom. They can work online from wherever they want, whether that's at home, from the library, or from a local café. To pull all of this off, hybrid learning isn't as easy as saving some information for the classroom and putting the rest into some downloadable documents. Instead, a great deal of planning is necessary to allow the two formats to capitalize on each other's strengths.

It's worth making the effort, though. In a study by Learning Technologies, it was found that not only do students prefer a hybrid learning format over both in-person and online learning, but it is more effective than either of the two. The main reason is flexibility. The particular benefits of each type of learning were leveraged to address and solve the main challenges.

What are the benefits of hybrid instruction?

The benefits of the face-to-face portion of hybrid learning begin with the immediate, real-time engagement that can be hard to capture online. Robust discussions, group work, presentations, and in-depth conceptual scrutiny can be stronger in this setting where facial cues and immediate interaction can provide meaningful learning opportunities. With the types of relationships built in person, students can make better use of Dojo360's discussion boards because there is already a level of trust and understanding between students and instructors.

When the online portion of hybrid learning takes place on the Echo360 and Dojo360 learning engagement platform, students are able to reinforce their in-person learning through the power of video and short, dynamic presentations that have embedded quiz questions to make sure they are understanding the content as presented. Instructors can see each student's answers and intervene immediately if there is any confusion. Students also have the flexibility to complete self-paced assignments from a location of their choice. When they log in to their Dojo360 dashboard, they will be able to see any assignments that are due or coming up soon, so they don't have to worry about losing papers or learning materials—they're all found right at their fingertips online.

Students who aren't necessarily comfortable participating in the rapid-fire in-person conversations of the classroom may feel more comfortable in the discussion rooms on Echo360 and Dojo360. They can make meaningful, well-thought-out contributions and all students can get into deeper, more thoughtful discussions on topics of interest.

Using both online and in-person instruction allows students to delve deeply into the learning materials on their own time, when they are most clear-headed and ready to learn. They can then use their time with the instructor more effectively to discuss the material and ask relevant questions, as well as to interact with other students or collaborate on projects. This can then follow into the online sphere of learning as well.

The merger of Echo360 and Turning promises to deliver more solutions like Dojo360 to make hybrid instruction an effective reality for both instructors and learners. Our e³ philosophy, based on equity, evidence, and engagement, makes hybrid instruction as easy as 1, 2, 3. We'd be happy to have you learn more about Dojo360 and how it can revolutionize your hybrid learning classroom.

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