How to Choose an Online Teaching Platform

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Online teaching platforms have been around for more than 20 years, making it possible for people to earn their degrees from the comfort of their own homes. More recently, due to the pandemic, online teaching platforms have become ubiquitous and have given students around the globe the ability to stay connected to their education when schools were no longer able to keep their doors open.

But with the inundation of online teaching software, how do you choose the right one for your school? We're Turning, and our learning engagement platform, Dojo360, is the best choice on the market for many reasons. Continue reading to learn what makes a great online teaching platform and why Dojo360 fits the bill in every way.

What to Consider When Choosing an Online Teaching Platform

First, what exactly is an online teaching platform? It is an integrated set of interactive digital tools that provide educators and students with the information, resources, and communication necessary to deliver, support, and manage teaching and learning. An online teaching platform provides a means for teachers to connect to students by sending announcements, assigning classwork, and distributing tests. In short, online teaching platforms make online education possible.

When you set out to choose the right online teaching platform, there are some things to keep in mind. First, is it able to be used by students on a variety of devices including laptops, tablets, and smartphones? This is important because not all students will access the platform in the same way, but all students deserve equitable access to their educational materials.

Next, you'll want to consider ease of use. It should be easy to create content, publish content, and share content. Each user, whether instructor or student, should have a personalized dashboard with all the tools relevant to them available with the click of a button. Instructors should be able to add content to their presentations easily. They should also be able to easily add students to their classes or to additional teaching modules as necessary. Students should be able to quickly ascertain what they are supposed to do when they log on to the platform by looking at their dashboard.

Finally, you want to choose an online teaching platform that makes tracking each student's progress and the class's progress as a whole easy. Instructors should be able to quickly discover if a particular student is having trouble with a concept so that they can intervene proactively. Instructors should also be able to view the attendance and performance metrics of students in a variety of ways for a complete picture at any point during the course.

The Best Online Teaching Platform

Dojo360 is based on our e³ philosophy, which encompasses equity, engagement, and evidence.

Because of our dedication to equity, each student can have the same quality learning experience as every other student. Dojo360 meets the current WCAG guidelines for accessibility and is available for students to use on any device. Whether your instructor is teaching a live class or the student is working on an asynchronous assignment, they have equitable access to all necessary tools for learning.

Because of our dedication to engagement, instructors can develop interesting multimedia content intuitively. They can import presentations and other elements like audio, video, and animation. During live class presentations, instructors can make use of screen sharing, the live whiteboard, embedded presentations, the chat function, and student breakout rooms. Instructors can also use Dojo360's gamification elements to further engage students in the content they are learning.

Because of our dedication to evidence, Dojo360 comes with powerful reporting capabilities. Instructors can look at real-time information on an individual student, a full class, a particular test, or even one particular question on a test at any time. This allows for early intervention and constant evaluation of course material.

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With all these features, and more, Dojo360 is sure to have everything you need to give your teachers the tools to succeed with online teaching. Book a demo today and experience all of the excellent features Dojo360 has to offer.

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