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Workplaces can be hazardous, especially if workers haven't been informed of the proper procedures for operating heavy machinery, the necessity of periodic breaks, or how to deal with potential biohazards. If your organization has employees or volunteers, it's up to you to create a comprehensive health and safety training program to keep your entire team safe and healthy.

Health & safety training was once a logistical nightmare when you needed to sacrifice productivity to have your entire team travel to a lecture site, but Dojo360 makes it much easier. Dojo360 is a learning platform that's all about engaged learning made easy. Your team can access training materials synchronously or asynchronously wherever they need them. You can also keep track of who is taking which courses, something that becomes especially important when OSHA or an industry-specific organization updates their regulations. Continue reading to learn more about Dojo360's features and how they can help your organization.

What Makes Health and Safety Training Online Effective?

If you consider yourself “old-school” and are hesitant to modernize your organization's training protocols, you're only putting yourself at a competitive disadvantage. Here are five significant advantages online training offers over in-person seminars:

  1. Training On-Demand

    Health and safety training courses can often feel removed from an employee's professional responsibilities, making them a chore to get through as opposed to an opportunity for growth. Platforms like Dojo360 allow employees to access content precisely where it is needed, ensuring that they clean a chemical spill safely or learn how to operate a fire extinguisher correctly. Team members can also access your training content at their leisure, giving them more control over what they're learning and the higher engagement that goes with it.

  2. Personalized Learning Paths

    Your team members have different responsibilities, so it's only natural that they would also have different health and safety training needs. Dojo360 allows administrators to automatically enroll learners in courses based on their job title or career aspirations, saving company time while ensuring that all employees get the compliance training or continuing education credits they need. Online training also makes it easier to offer upskilling opportunities to attract and retain top talent, further fueling learner engagement.

  3. Single-Source Hybrid Learning

    If your organization offers a ton of different health and safety training courses in different places, keeping track of what's where can turn into a nightmare. Dojo360 can act as a CMS by being the repository for all of your organization's training content, providing easy access to your courses. Instructors can also modify courses with a few clicks, ensuring compliance with the latest health and safety regulations.

  4. Cutting-Edge Analytics

    Manually recording attendance and marking learner assessments is an inefficiency that modern organizations just can't afford. Dojo360 can automate both of these tasks, giving you sortable data that you can use as evidence to draw valid conclusions. Learners can also review assessment performance in real-time, helping them realize they're falling behind before they are left in the dust.

  5. Equal Access

    Relying on in-person training puts anybody who can't make it at an immediate disadvantage. That puts the entire organization at risk as one poorly-trained employee is a threat to everybody. Dojo360 is fully compliant with WCAG 2.0 guidelines, ensuring that all learners enjoy equity in their ability to access health & safety training content. Synchronous lessons are also recorded for the benefit of asynchronous learners to ensure that everybody's working with the same guidelines in mind.

What if Some of My Team Members Are Resistant to Health and Safety Training?

Peer pressure can be a powerful tool in these scenarios. If a worker's colleagues are talking about a training video on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) around the water cooler or comparing the badges they've earned for learning how to safely operate a forklift, hesitant employees may be inspired to get involved in the fun. Dojo360 also includes built-in communication tools to turn health and safety training into a team-building exercise, helping to create an organization-wide culture that values that training.

Employee safety should be your top priority. When good enough training isn't good enough, there's Dojo360. We built Dojo360 to meet our e³ philosophy, and it's just what you need to bring online and hybrid learning to the next level for the health and safety of everyone in your organization!

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