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In healthcare, clinical and administrative staff with no formal training in project management often end up leading project teams. While these individuals may be subject matter experts, they may not know as much about the science of improvement. To move from ideas to results, these project leaders could greatly benefit from training in project management. The best project management training involves both the project management skills necessary to improve healthcare delivery and the people management skills to create an effective environment in a time of either crisis or calm.

We’re Turning, and our learning engagement platform, Dojo360, is the best solution for on-the-job project management training in the healthcare field. Continue reading to learn how Dojo360’s features make it the best platform for healthcare project management training.

Is online project management training beneficial for the healthcare industry?

Because most healthcare project management training happens on the job, online training is generally the best format. Online training using Dojo360 allows busy professionals to maintain their productivity in their current position while learning when it is most convenient for them and the workplace. Self-paced modules give trainees the opportunity to move through the courses more quickly if they choose and on-demand modules allow them to rewatch topics when they need a refresher, even after they have moved into a project management position.

Our e³ philosophy was used to drive the creation of the Dojo360 learning management platform, and it provides a framework for excellent healthcare project management training. e³ stands for equity, evidence, and engagement.

Equity indicates that all users of the Dojo360 platform have equal access to its learning features. In fact, we have designed Dojo360 to meet or even exceed WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) standards so that all users, whether online or in person, have the ability to ask instructors questions and receive answers, collaborate with other learners on educational projects, and participate in group discussions. 

Evidence manifests in the detailed instructor-based reports that are available. The reports only start with attendance. Instructors can get details of user engagement with each learning module, user performance on each topic, and user success on each assessment, whether that’s a quick, three-question quiz embedded in a learning module or a larger, end-of-course assessment. In fact, the smaller embedded quizzes give instructors the ability to intercede with a trainee who needs help long before the larger assessment takes place.

Engagement is key to effective learning, both online and in person. Dojo360 makes use of exciting features to increase user engagement. It’s a powerful asset manager so content creators have tons of resources to hand to use in developing learning modules. They can utilize various multimedia elements in each presentation including video, audio, images, color, 3D media, and more. Gamification elements like completion badges, leaderboards, and discussion boards are also a part of Dojo360’s engaging features. By making learning a friendly competition, each trainee is engaged in how they are doing on a daily basis as they compete with fellow trainees, all while knowing that the real win comes when each employee succeeds.

What drives successful healthcare project management training?

Trainees should have access to training modules that reflect real-world scenarios. These scenarios should give them experience with each of the steps involved in the project management process and give them a chance to adapt the stages to address the nuances within a variety of applicable healthcare settings. Additionally, trainees should have the opportunity to explore case studies to examine how project management techniques can be leveraged as process improvement tools. The multimedia capabilities of Dojo360 allow this type of training and more.

When you look for a learning management platform for project management training in your healthcare setting, consider learning more about the exciting features Dojo360 offers today!

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