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If your organization is already using a learning management system like Cornerstone or Docebo, you’re probably ahead of the game when it comes to online blended learning. Blended learning occurs when learners spend part of their time in a group classroom setting and part of their time studying online. This method of learning has many benefits, including the ability to help people with any learning style understand content presented in a way they best understand.

As an example, a college history course could be comprised of classroom time that includes a lecture and collaborative activities with other students as well as online modules that bring certain aspects of the chosen historical period to life in a number of ways for them through videos, charts, audio files, and more. For training purposes, employees can attend a class that provides live discussions and practice on new machinery while they learn more about safety regulations through engaging online modules.

We’re Turning, and we have created an excellent learning engagement platform called Dojo360 that can be seamlessly integrated with whatever LMS you are already using. Dojo360 was created using our e3 philosophy that focuses on equity, evidence, and engagement.

How Does Dojo360’se³ Philosophy Work With Blended Learning?

Equity is achieved when all learners have the same learning experience. That must be true for in-person learners as well as those who are studying online. It needs to be equally easy to ask a question, participate in a discussion, or collaborate with a classmate on an activity online as it is to do so in person. The same should be true for people who are learning synchronously (all at the same time) or asynchronously (on their own schedule). The main focus of equity is learning that has equal opportunity and equal access for all. Dojo360 achieves this equity through a number of features including live chat, whiteboarding, online discussions, and more.

Evidence is necessary for instructors to know how well each learner is engaging with the content. Instructors can do this in a blended learning LMS situation by embedding quizzes right inside teaching or training modules. These quizzes can gauge learner understanding on an ongoing basis so the instructor can be alerted to any problems a student or trainee may be having long before the official assessments. Instructors can use this information to provide personalized assistance to each student who demonstrates a need.

Engagement with the material presented is essential for learners. It may seem easier in an in-person learning situation, but with the tools Dojo360 provides, online engagement can be as complete as face-to-face engagement. Dojo360 allows instructors to build interactive activities, video, audio, and other multimedia assets directly into their course to make each block of information entertaining and interesting. There are also gamification elements in Dojo360 like real-time leaderboards, badges, and other incentives that  motivate students both inside and outside of the physical classroom. In addition, Dojo360 offers features like live chat and online whiteboarding capability so that the time blended learning students spend online can be as interactive as the time they spend in the classroom. All of these tools can be integrated with your current LMS for maximum effectiveness.

What Other Benefits Does Dojo360 Provide my LMS for Blended Learning?

Dojo360 meets or exceeds current WCAG 2.0 guidelines so that all materials are equally accessible to all learners, both when they are studying online and in person. Virtual meeting rooms allow students to collaborate with each other even when they are not in the classroom.  All lessons are available for playback on demand in case a learner needs to review a topic before a test or just to gain a greater understanding. 

To learn more about Dojo360’s many features, we invite you to explore everything our platform can do. You’ll find that everything on our learning platform is guided by our e3 philosophy. Check us out today—you’ll be glad you did!

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