Five Clear Benefits of Employee Self-Assessment

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Many organizations conduct an annual employee assessment process that entails individuals meeting with their managers in a 1-on-1 setting. Your employees probably dread this process because they are nearly always asked about their biggest failures with promotions at stake. Managers tend to hate the process as well because it compromises workplace morale. Employee self-assessment is a great addition to any evaluation program because it gives workers additional chances to contribute to the discussion.

Workers might see the new initiative as worthless if it isn't implemented correctly, however, and that's where Turning comes in. Dojo360 is the learning engagement platform built for everyone, everywhere, streamlining communication and helping your organization make a meaningful contribution to employee growth. Here are five ways our platform can facilitate employee self-assessment:

  1. Motivate Your Team
  2. Traditional performance evaluations tend to focus on the past, particularly on the team member's shortcomings. They often take place just once a year, limiting the flexibility to change things up. In contrast, Dojo360 allows employees to receive regular feedback throughout the year. Managers can provide positive reinforcement to highlight a job well done, letting employees know that their contributions are valued to promote engagement. Criticism also won't feel as blunt if the employee brings up their weaknesses first, making it easier to have an open, honest discussion.

  3. Identify Upskilling and Reskilling Opportunities
  4. Investing in employee growth is vital for organizations of all sizes, but ideally you want to focus those efforts on team members who will make the most of them. If employees are asked to explain why they are dissatisfied with their current position, they may be better able to articulate what they would rather be doing. From there, Dojo360 makes it easy to enroll learners in the upskilling and reskilling courses they need to pursue their ambitions. You can choose between live and asynchronous formats, embed video from YouTube or other sources in courses, and keep track of all of your course offerings in one convenient location.

  5. Make Smarter Promotion Decisions
  6. One of the purposes of employee self-assessment is to gather the evidence you need to promote employees who are ready for more responsibility, but it can be tedious to compare handwritten notes from multiple managers. Dojo360 gives you access to all of the collected data on sortable dashboards, making it easy to identify who should be rewarded for their stellar work and who might need a little more help to get up to speed. You can even look at the responses to individual questions if you're looking for something specific in the ideal candidate.

  7. Allow Employees to Self-Evaluate on Their Terms
  8. Employee self-assessments are often rushed since year-end reviews tend to coincide with the busy holiday season, meaning that team members may not take as much time as they should to reflect. Dojo360 is accessible on mobile devices, allowing team members to work on their performance reviews outside of work hours for maximal flexibility. Dojo360 also saves threaded message boards and communications related to past projects, helping employees remember the work they did earlier in the year.

  9. Encourage Participation
  10. Some team members may be shy, meaning that they might be reticent to share their opinion or ask for the support they need in a standard environment. Conducting employee self-assessment online using a platform such as Dojo360 can make it easier for these employees to have their voices heard, ensuring equity throughout your entire organization. You can also incentivize participation through points on a live leaderboard or other gamification elements.

How Can I Tell Which Employee Self-Assessment Tool Is Right for My Organization?

We are confident that our e³ philosophy of equity, evidence, and engagement is the right fit for your organization, but you don't have to take our word for it. There are a lot of tools out there, and finding the right one comes down to seeing it in action for yourself. Book a demo of Dojo360 today and see what it can do for you!

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