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VILT training (or Virtual Instructor-Led Training) might sound complicated, but it just means live classes where learners aren’t in the same room as their instructor. Instead, meetings take place remotely in a dedicated online classroom or through a service such as Zoom. VILT offers numerous benefits to educational institutions and businesses of all sizes, including improved scalability, cost-effective instruction, and added convenience. It also brings learners of different backgrounds together to make it easier to create a cohesive organizational culture. Remote learners appreciate effective VILT initiatives as well because it gives them control over where and how they learn, promoting engagement with the material. 

The secret to a successful VILT training program is making sure that your learners get at least as much out of it as they would from a traditional classroom, and Dojo360 can help with that. Dojo360 is a learning engagement platform designed by the experts at Turning to bring the benefits of our e³ philosophy of equity, evidence, and engagement to as many learners as possible. Keep reading to learn more about how our platform can help your organization make the most of VILT. 

What Do I Need to Launch an Effective VILT Training Program?

One of the biggest challenges of VILT is ensuring that instructors can engage with remote learners consistently enough to facilitate collaboration and hands-on learning. Dojo360 is equipped with collaboration tools such as live chat, message boards, and a virtual whiteboard to give remote learners and instructors multiple ways to communicate throughout each class. Our platform also supports virtual meeting spaces, facilitating one-on-one conversations and role-play exercises that won’t interrupt the rest of the class. Polls and post-course surveys allow learners to share feedback with their instructors just like they could in person. The result is an authentic classroom experience that learners can access anywhere they like. 

If your learners are accustomed to traditional instruction, you might need to sell them on the benefits of virtual instructor-led training. Instructors can build inline quizzes and other assessment tools directly into their courses on Dojo360, so they won’t have to wait for a test to obtain the evidence they need to provide extra support to struggling students. These interactive assessments can increase engagement as well by preventing learners from zoning out during a long video or while listening to their instructor. 

VILT is also more convenient for remote learners and instructors alike. Learners can receive automatic notifications on our platform when they need to take a class for Continuing Education credits or compliance training purposes, ensuring that they don’t forget to enroll. You can also create personalized learning paths to help learners concentrate on the academic classes or upskilling and reskilling opportunities they are most interested in. Likewise, attendance and learner performance are recorded automatically so that instructors always have the evidence they need to help learners pursue their goals. Dojo360 also makes course creation easy as instructors can import PowerPoint presentations and other existing educational materials or integrate with learning management systems like Moodle and Blackboard. Instructors can even share content to promote a more cohesive curriculum.

Perhaps most importantly, our platform automatically records every class so that synchronous and asynchronous learners receive the same educational and training opportunities. The resulting equity encourages collaboration between learners in different programs, departments, and geographic locations that contributes to an organization-wide commitment to continuous learning. You can’t get that with costly in-person training seminars. 

How Else Could VILT Impact My Organization?

VILT training allows organizations to deliver educational materials to any number of remote learners around the world, so your organization will never outgrow it. Dojo360 also meets or exceeds all WCAG 2.0 guidelines, ensuring equity of access for all learners regardless of their comfort with technology or any sensory impairments. We invite you to learn more about Dojo360 by exploring its features in further detail!

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