Enhancing Team Performance with Healthcare Diversity Training

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“Healthcare diversity training” has become a buzzword throughout the healthcare field, but what does it mean and why should your organization bother with it? Put simply, diversity training allows your employees to better manage any biases they have regarding another individual’s race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender, socioeconomic background, military status, age, and more. It can foster collaboration between team members of diverse backgrounds, leading to more creativity in the problem-solving process and better patient outcomes. Diversity training in healthcare can also help providers feel more comfortable treating patients they do not share a background with. Most importantly, cultural diversity training in healthcare can improve employee engagement and retention rates. 

Implementing healthcare diversity training may seem difficult, but the experts at Turning have created a learning engagement platform called Dojo360 to make it easier to provide to organizations of all sizes. Our platform is built around our e³ philosophy of equity, evidence, and engagement to ensure that your training materials leave a lasting impact on learners. Please continue reading to learn more about what goes into effective cultural diversity training in healthcare and how Dojo360 facilitates it. 

What Do I Need to Implement an Effective Healthcare Diversity Training Program?

Our e³ philosophy encompasses everything you need to create effective cultural sensitivity training in healthcare in three simple words. Here is a closer look at how each word connects to Dojo360’s features and their value to your organization:


Equity is the primary goal of healthcare diversity training and Dojo360 ensures that your entire team has access to the same resources. Instructors can create a single course for in-person learners, live remote learners, and on-demand learners to ensure that asynchronous learners receive the same content as everyone else. Our platform also meets or exceeds all WCAG 2.0 standards, so all learners can access content regardless of their computer skills or any sensory impairments. 


Sitting through healthcare diversity training and getting something out of it aren’t always the same thing, but Dojo360 makes it easy to monitor learner progress. Instructors can incorporate inline quizzes during long videos and at key checkpoints to ensure that learners are understanding everything. Instructors are also proactively alerted if a learner needs extra support, allowing them to intervene before the gap widens. You can even use Dojo360 to automatically administer and grade assessments, with the results sent directly to an intuitive instructor dashboard. Learners can also provide feedback to their instructors to help them create more effective courses in the future. In short, instructors always have the evidence they need to deliver the best outcomes for all learners. 


If diversity training in healthcare is dull, your employees will treat it as a chore to check off of a list rather than an opportunity for personal growth. Dojo360 addresses this potential issue through gamification elements like live leaderboards and badges to encourage friendly competition and increased engagement with the material. Our platform also includes numerous collaboration tools such as integrated virtual workspaces and live chat capabilities to facilitate the free exchange of ideas. Best of all, our platform makes it easy to set up personalized learning paths so that your organization’s team members can focus on the topics that most interest them. 

Is Diversity Training in Healthcare Flexible?

Learners learn best when they can control when and how they learn, so Dojo360 integrates with a variety of LMS and LXP solutions to help your employees access content on their terms. Your instructors can also import PowerPoint presentations directly into Dojo360 and freely share their resources, mitigating the redundancy often associated with course creation. 

We’re confident that our platform is one of the best healthcare diversity training tools on the market and encourage you to discover more about Dojo360’s features. With our help, your organization can transform diversity training from a buzzword to a competitive advantage. 

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