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Online learning has been a way of life for some students for many years. However, in the past two years, it has become ubiquitous. Even as children have returned to in-person school, educators are continuing to leverage the benefits of online learning that they have discovered during the pandemic. One thing is sure—engaging students in online learning is essential, and the best way to keep them engaged is to have the right tools at your disposal.

Dojo360 has all the tools you need to keep students engaged in online learning. From gamification tools to immersive virtual learning experiences, Dojo360 is the right choice for your virtual learning needs.

What are some engagement strategies for online learning?

  1. Use multiple formats of content, such as presentations, video, audio, etc.

    Dojo360 is an excellent asset manager. You can keep all your files organized and use them in as many different modules as you need. You can apply them to an entire class or to individuals who need extra content in order to develop a deeper understanding of content. By providing students with a multimedia experience, you’re sure to keep their attention longer than if they are presented with nothing but large blocks of text.

  2. Include activities such as discussion forums, journal entries, and reflections.

    Dojo360 includes discussion boards where students can communicate with each other from anywhere in the world on specific subjects or topics within a subject. You can give them virtual assignments in a number of formats, including text documents, so they can write their own journal entries, which can be shared with other students depending on the assignment’s parameters.

  3. Provide frequent opportunities for formative assessments.

    Within each learning module and integrated PowerPoint presentation in Dojo360 is the ability to embed ongoing assessment questions. This helps students stop and reflect on what they have just learned, which keeps them engaged and paying attention to the content. Knowing that they will be quizzed on the information they are seeing motivates them to keep their attention on the content, and the assessments themselves help them retain the information they have learned.

  4. Offer interactive elements such as polls.

    Dojo360 has polling features that you can use to ask students what they thought about a particular assignment style or what they want to learn about next. You can use polls to learn their opinions on current events and start intelligent discussions about what’s going on in the world. Polling can be used creatively in a number of ways, and students love to find out what the rest of the class(es) thought about the question being asked.

  5. Use gamification tools to keep students’ interest high.

    Dojo360 offers badges, leaderboards, and discussion boards that can be used together to make learning new information or skills into a game. Students want to be the first one to earn the new badge by learning all the flags of Africa or all the presidents of the United States. They want to be on top of the leaderboard by finishing a project first. They want to share their discoveries from a science experiment on discussion boards with other students and see what other students found out. With Dojo360, they can do all this and more.

What should I do if some students are not engaging with online learning?

Dojo360 has the ability to track each student's performance and engagement with each element of their online assignments. If you find that a particular student is not spending the time needed in their learning modules, you will be able to recognize it right away in reports, and you can use student-specific reports to dig in deeper to find out exactly what that student has and has not completed. You can use this data to find out what's going on, what you can do to help them, and then offer them options to get caught up.

We're Turning, and we're proud of our Dojo360 learning engagement platform. We invite you to learn more about Dojo360 and how our e³ philosophy can be used to increase student engagement for everyone today.

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