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Safety training is essential in every type of organization, but perhaps more so in the field of construction. With potentially dangerous equipment and materials that employees work with and the traffic that they may work so near to, it's critical that they follow all the safety rules, all the time. Whether it's road or building construction, there are hundreds of safety hazards your workers face on a daily basis, and having the most up-to-date safety training could make the difference between a litany of undesirable consequences and celebrating long periods of accident-free days.

We're Turning, and our Dojo360 learning engagement platform is the best on the market for safety training programs for people in the construction industry. Continue reading to learn how our e³ philosophy, which espouses equity, evidence, and engagement to drive success, can help you implement the most effective, efficient safety training program for your construction company.

How can I design the most effective safety construction training program?

With Dojo360, you can be certain to deliver an equitable safety training program to your employees. Each trainee will have access to the same exceptional learning experience. They will be able to ask questions through the chat room, communicate with each other on discussion boards, and access learning materials from wherever they are. Dojo360 meets or exceeds all WCAG 2.0 standards so equal access is virtually guaranteed.

A safety training program is worthless if the instructors are not able to access evidence that it is working. Dojo360 provides a robust reporting and analytics system so instructors can view how each employee is doing at any time. They can view reports that indicate how well all employees have done on a certain assessment or question, letting them know if they may need to change the way some information is presented.

Instructors can also follow each employee, making sure they are completing the training modules on time and sending helpful reminders if they're not. If an employee is not doing well on assessment questions, instructors can intervene early to make sure the employee has a firm understanding of safety procedures and compliance practices before they step into a construction role, which increases the safety of everyone in the company.

One of the most important aspects of a training program is that it is able to engage employees. Simply put, they're not going to participate in a boring program. Dojo360 has many features to help design engaging safety training modules. It also works well as a hybrid learning platform, because in construction, some training needs to be hands-on.

Content creators love the ability to create dynamic multimedia presentations and embed questions at intervals throughout the presentations to make certain the trainees are understanding the information being presented. If a trainee gets a question wrong, they have the ability to go back and review the previous segment of content, knowing what to focus on, so they can answer the question correctly the next time around. This helps with learning as well as long-term retention.

Dojo360 also has gamification features like completion badges and leaderboards. These help to foster friendly competition among safety trainees. Not only does this motivate the trainees to do better—they want to be at the top of the leaderboard and earn the most badges, of course—but it fosters a camaraderie that builds solid, trusting relationships, which can be crucial on the construction site.

Safety training is an essential part of working in the construction industry. By making the training as engaging and equitable as possible, you ensure your employees will gladly participate and learn to be as safe as they can on the construction site. By keeping track of where each employee is at in their training at all times, you can avoid careless accidents and injuries by keeping untrained employees away from hazards until they are ready.

We believe that Dojo360 is the best product on the market for construction safety training. Take a look, and learn more about Dojo360 and how it can enhance your safety training program today.

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